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Celeita Kramer, Executor of Crossed Sabers Stables, SWAP, and what ever other name she chooses for her "business" is a full-blown liar and cheat. She has maniuplated the public into thinking she is a hard-working, honest, front-line player in the "horse industry" when all she is is a con artist. She does not even have her "farm" legally in her name because she cannot get financing! She will not take her ex-husband off the loan because she knows that in order to do so she would need to obtain the financing herself - which we all know is impossible since she's asking for donations every other week to support herself - not for the good of the "animals." If anyone knows first hand how hateful and vindictive this woman can be, it would be me! She will never let anyone that "knows her secrets to success" get the truth out there. She will harrass, intimidate, frighten and threaten anyone that gets in her way. She has crushed many, many people along the way and obviously she is still doing so today. Her website is so deceitful that she has pictures of "Christmases passed @ Crossed Sabers" and they are of 10 - 12 years ago... NO NEW PICTURES AVAILABLE TO SEE... because it's all made up! There was nothing but misery and discouragement and dishonor @ that place and it continues to this day because she continues to deceive. I feel sorry for ANYONE - young or old - that gets mixed up with her. Please research the situation carefully before you spend any time, effort and/or heartache on this organization. Notice there is no longer any information about "the executor" and her resume on line anymore...wonder why?

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  • Fo
      Dec 22, 2009

    Sadly this is true. Having just checked the latest IRS Schedule 78 list of charitable (501) organizations in the US...Celeita Kramer's BUSINESS is NOT listed !! That means that she can not issue any form of tax deduction. Note that her paperwork says " Tax deductible to the extent of the Law" well, that means NO. Do folks get away with it?...yes, they have... but IF you get audited watch out because it is YOU who will pay the penalties.

    MANY MANY fundraisers she has run to "PAY THE MORTGAGE OF THE FARM" are direct contributions to Celeita Kramer as she is the sole owner of Crossed Sabers Stable. She has no income other than monies received from the business(es) she runs claiming to be non profit though she no longer states that she is 501(c)3[ having claimed that her accountant( the one who died in a motorcycle accident) failed to renew her status...while the truth is that she never had tax exempt /non profit status.] is implied by stating "tax deductible".

    While this may not be the worst horse program, it is NOT as it is portrayed on the website!!

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  • Ge
      Jan 21, 2010

    I totally disagree with you. I have been to Crossed Sabers, while it is not a beautiful top dollar farm, it does serve the purpose of saving and placing horses. How many of you would do this?
    Sounds like some real, real sour grapes. She tries her best with the funds she receives to keep her program going. As in any business or program setting, you are not going to please everyone. Her job is to please the horses by finding them the right homes. This she has always done for us! Most people would have given up, her job is a thankless job! I think she is a Saint for all her hard work, with the horses. That's also not to mention how many countless dogs and cats she has saved from the Gas Chamber. She took them all in and found all homes, all the while they chewed up her furniture. Celita is a Saint, she tries hard to help animals. So just eat your sour grapes!!

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