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Second Time Around ( AKA Internet Rolex Watch FRAUD SCAM / Second Time Around ( sold me a FAKE Rolex watch for 6000 Pounds. It came back as a 20 Pound Chinese Replica Fake Rolex.

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In June 2008 I purchased a Rolex President for my wife from Second Time Around using my Mastercard, I paid 6000 pounds for the watch. I gave the watch to my wife in July, and by October, the self-winding mechanism began to malfunction, and the watch stopped at 11:50pm every night and had to be manually set and wound every morning. By November the date set knob no longer worked.

The watch came with a one-year guarantee against defects of materials or workmanship. Thus, I emailed Second Time Round and, as directed by its website, to ask how I should go about getting the watch repaired under the guarantee. I received no reply.

Over the course of a month and a half, I emailed repeatedly to every address available, and using every subject line recommended, on the website, and called, and was told I needed to speak to a manager who was, oddly enough, never there.

In my last email, I warned that I would report his business to the BBB and /link removed/ among various other organizations. While waiting for a reply, I investigated how much it would cost to get the watch repaired on my own at which point a very well respected watch maker and repairman in our area told me that the watch was a very cheap watch, made in China (not Switzerland as every bit of language surrounding the sale of this watch would lead you to believe), and that he would not repair it even for 200 pounds because he couldn't guarantee the work as the parts and craftsmanship have very little integrity.

It's funny how quick these guys were to cut the price down and get the sale. I knew something was fishy when they were so willing to give me a good price. It's because the watch was fake and it cost them next to nothing! I spoke with Alfred who did the initial sale. He was very unprofessional and I knew the price was too good to be true. The website looked great, everything looked good, but, ultimately, I filed a report with the FBI and the district attorney's office. I have yet to receive a reply.

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  • Nj
      3rd of Jun, 2009
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  • Nj
      19th of Feb, 2013
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    Second Time Round in the UK is a respected family business trading for over 30 years and has never had anyone called Alfred working there and do not sell copy watches

    In the UK it is illegal to do sell copy goods and I would think the same true in America but clearly not I suggest you report Second TIme Around in the US to the appropriate authorities and amend your comment so there is no confusion with the UK company who get passed referrals from Rolex so clearly your incorrect

  • Nj
      19th of Feb, 2013
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    Dear Sirs

    I write to inform you of an unlawful comment due to an error with spelling on your site

    Your poster is talking about secondtimearound not secondtimeround which is a uk company

    Please see the message below to your poster I will be taking legal action against them in 7 days if this is not removed or changed

    Your cooperation in removing this message would be appreciated

    Hi Mason

    We have a family business in the UK called Second Time Round

    The company you have posted about is second time Around which is a US company

    Can you please change your comment to reflect that it is NOT

    It would be appreciated if you could mention there is no association as you comment is wholly untrue of our business and is now appearing on search engines and affecting our business

    If the comment is not amended to make it VERY clear it is a US company I will have to consider legal action against yourself for liable

    I await your confirmation changes have been made

    Yours sincerely
    Nathan Waite
    Second Time Round
    Unit 105
    Gray's Antique Market
    W1K 5LP

  • Ra
      25th of Jan, 2014
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    Hi Mason,
    I know it has been a while since you wrote on this particular forum but may I ask if you got anywhere with the FBI? I am kind of in the same situation right now with a different website and considering a complaint to the FBI since I am not getting anywhere with these people. Did you get your money back?

  • Se
      5th of Feb, 2014
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    Unfortunately for the UK company, they were foolish enough to post the URL for their web site in a comment on this thread. Therefore, once the typographic error (not an unlawful comment) had been corrected in the heading of the OP, they were perpetuating google's crawling of this page and finding the URL of their web site. If they had not posted at all but just reported it, then the cost to their business would only have been temporary.

  • Ma
      19th of Mar, 2015
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    Why does the OP talk about paying in pounds if he is referring to the US site?

  • Pa
      6th of Dec, 2016
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    The watch I bought (Rolex Submariner bi-metal) from Second Time (A)round turned out to be stolen. Unfortunately I only found this out several years after the purchase when it needed a service and had lost the original purchase bill of sale. The police confiscated the watch to return it to its owner. Fortunately I 'only' paid 2, 500 pounds for it, so it could have been worse. This company was (at the time of the sale) located near Bond Street underground station in a little cluster of jewellers units. I think it was probably a genuine oversight by the company to give them some credit. I think the real rogues here are Rolex because they don't publish an online list of stolen serial numbers we could easily look-up; it's well past time they did this so others don't get caught out in future. I'll never buy another Rolex!

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