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Sebastian Foss, e-trinity internetmarketing and money-license and several other names under which this dude does "business" are frauds. His "system" is nothing more than google adwords which anybody can figure out. His document, which he charges $57 for is 5 pages of typos and errors that make you want to strangle the guy. He doesn't return emails and his guarantee is worthless. I finally got a refund via SWREG after they were unable to motivate him to refund my purchase. Prior to the refund request I had signed up as an affiliate and made several sales (I'm truly sorry for the people I sent his way) and Foss only payed a portion of what he owes me. I spent more than I earned on google adwords. Anyway, filed a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center today and want to get the word out to anyone and everyone that this guy is a cheat and should be put out of "business" - pass the word! He gives the term jerk a bad name!

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  • Pa
      Dec 18, 2008
    Sebastian Foss - Product didn't download/no reply

    Paid for Instant Booster which SEBASTIAN FOSS was promoting. It wouldn't download . I've sent numerous messages to Sebastian via his ETRINITY ticket system and to also to the software supplier SWREG who you can read many complaints about if you check them out in the search box.

    Are these companies ( ?) linked in their fleecing people of their $$.. Sebastain Foss ..Etrinity Marketing...SWREG

    I still receive many promotional emails from Sebastian for other products and of course if I try to reply to them to at support @ whichever the product is, in an effort to connect with him, they are returned.

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  • Js
      Jan 04, 2009
    Taking Surveys for Money/Cash - Sebastian Foss/E-trinity Marketing
    United States

    Paid for a work at home survey program and missed the download date which was 7 days. Tried to contact E Trinity Marketing thru their "ticket" system. Was never able to get a reply. I think Sebastian Foss is a fraud and doesn't even exist.

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  • Ba
      Jun 23, 2009

    Yea, this criminal Sebastian Foss uses to process the funds for his Internet scam schemes. Why does continue to facilitate these Internet crimes? It's plain and simple SWREG is profiting from their scamster clients and taking their cut at our expense. SWREG represents the worst of of the Internet business community and needs to be investigated as a party to FRAUD on a grand scale. SWREG is a REPRENSIBLE SCAM FACILITATOR that cannot be trusted to process your/our funds for any business transaction. Join me in BOYCOTTING You can send them an email or open a ticket but do not expect the courtesy of a reply. Sebastian Foss + = ###, shameful, fraudulent criminals. Bababooy to U All. Did I mention how much I hate SWREG, com

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