Seaway Trailer SalesMisleading Sale

In May of 2014 we purchased a used 1999 Winnebago from Seaway trailer with an emailed assurance from Salesperson Brian that there was "No Water Damage..." In August we found extensive water damage that had been occurring for some time!
We now have a $6500 (and growing) quote to repair water damage Seaway Trailer Sales told us was not there!
Imagine our surprise when we also found out that Seaway Trailer Sales, its owner and the salesperson Brian were not registered with OMVIC. Surprising because this is a LEGAL requirement for selling motorized vehicles in Ontario. Doing so without registration is an ILLEGAL activity know as "Curbsiding".
Whats more, the owner, Denis M. claims he s not responsible and will do nothing to help us.
This was our first RV purchase, we are novices. We're being treated like we should have known there would be damage therefore, according to them, they are off the hook.


Seaway Trailer Sales

Feb 17, 2015

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