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I purchase an used car from this dealer on 8/11/2018. When I purchased the car, I asked them if I can take the car and get inspection from 3rd parti mechanics. They said, they do not allow it to the 3rd party mechanics but they do in-house multi-point inspections and provide 3 months/ 3, 000 miles warranty. So I asked them to complete the inspection prior to picking up the vehicle. when I pick it up, they mentioned everything was in good condition and no issue was found. I asked for the inspection documents but the financial manager told me he doesn't have access to it. I have to contact sales person who was off at that time. So I picked the car up and asked the document many times via call and emails. I finally got the cell phone photo attached on the email after several weeks later. Not much of information was there, so I contacted them thru email about where the other part of inspection documents are. It doesn't seems to be enought to call an inspection. There was no response from them. After about 300 miles of driving, I took the car to my mechanics because of constant burning smell. My mechanic found out is was due to the engine oil leak and it damaged timing belt and other parts and result me about $1000 to replace parts and repair. My mechanic said it could been easily inspected visually without any test. I am very upset because, the Seaview dealer should have known this problem, but they hide the problem instead of infroming me in order to sell the car. The warranty document they provided, it was worthless, too. After I reviewed it with my mechanics, it doesn't cover any of whole part or service. It is an useless warranty document. I contacted them to talk about the issue and the cost. I have left voice message and emailed them. It has been same as before. they did not respond to me. I believe this is an ethical problem with the dealer. They lie to the customer and hide problem and sell defected cars without informing the issues. they made customers to feel safe by providing warranties which is useless. They also ignore or refuse to talk about questions and request regard to the warranty they provided.

Oct 26, 2018

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