Seattle Landscaping / Wisesales is phony

1 1475 Rodenburg Road, Schaumburg, IL, United States
Contact information: make phony sale on Ebay with free shipping, they ask people to make offer. So I made a reasonable offer on a dethatcher for $1250 and got accepted with an email confirmation. As an Ebay policy, once the offer is accepted I am obligated to buy the item and the seller has to sell it. Then I called their store in Chicago to see how long it takes to ship to Seattle. Usually people sale people answer the phone are nice but there was man so rude. He accessed to the Ebay and told me he has to rejectect it the offer because It cost more to ship the item to Seattle. Then he asked me to pay more for the item if I want it. I thought this is violate to the Ebay policy so I called the Ebay. Guess what? The Ebay said there is nothing they can do. Ebay wrote all kind of ### policy but don't apply to the sellers but the buyers. I looked the BBB for the
Wisesale, it got a big F rating.

Apr 3, 2014

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