Seattle Cofee DirectUnsolicited billing of debit card

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I was given the option of becoming a member of Seattle Coffee direct. I would receive two coffees of my choice and two stainless steel mugs for $2. That was on Friday 8/21/09. I looked at my bank statement today and see not only is the $2 charged out of my account, but also an amount of $38.95! WHAT!!!

When I tried to cancel my membership by logging in, I get a message that there is a problem with my email address. Yeah, right! I'll make a complaint to the bank first thing in the morning to recover my money. But EVERYONE BEWARE. This company ROTS, it is unethical and should be looked at by the Better Business Bureau!!!


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      Dec 18, 2009
    Seattle Cofee Direct - Fraudulent charges/scam
    San Francisco
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    Many, many, Fraudulent Charges- as in - we cancelled several months ago and they are still charging us for coffee we don't have. Total and complete SCAM.

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      Dec 19, 2009

    I finally had to close my bank account after 147-00 dollars later. They agreed to a sample of coffee with a mug. I wanted to try it. just like a lot of people. Now they keep refusing phone calls, or they have that stupid answering machine tell me that all circuits are busy now, please try later. that is BS. that amount that I reported included 1 ovwer draft charge plus $39-70 and $79-00 and $25-00 and $2-95 or 2.00 whatever it was to start. I hope we all figure out a way to get our mpney back shortly. Thank you for your comments too. I thought maybe it was just a handful of people. but it has been alot of people they took money from.

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