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Seaside Inn Bed & Breakfast - Seaside, Oregon / They ripped us off and won't give us our money back?!

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We are respectable people, I'm a Marketing Manager for a web design company in Portland Oregon, my sister is a lawyer in Newport Beach California and our mother owns her own pre-school in Beaverton Oregon. We are clean, friendly people who travel a lot - yet just wanted a quite weekend at the coast. We would NOT recommend this Inn mainly because of the staff. The breakfast was yummy, the room was clean (but tacky, it was the Seaside Beach room - looks better online!), and it was nice to be right on the beach. But please read below:

- The main problem with the hotel is that we were over charged for our stay. When we tried to explain it the lady told us that we were threatening her, intimidating her, harassing her, etc. We were not, we simply asked why we were having to pay so much for a stay that should have cost $349 (two nights plus extra people). We guess that tax would be about $30 - Total about $349. We had prepaid one night at $139, had a gift card for $200 and had paid $51 after our first night (my mom has memory problems and doesn't remember what this was for. When we asked what is was for, we were told we were threatening and never got an answer. We did not order food, room serve, movies, etc.). Mom thought it might have been for the extra person charge. Our bill was $349, we had paid $390. The extremely rude receptionist was screaming at me, my sister and Mom. We tried to ask her what other charges there were that would make our bill more than $349, and there were none. When we asked for our money back she would start telling us that we were rude, threatening, etc. and would walk away back into the kitchen screaming "Jesus Christ". Flat out, we paid more than we should have. The receptionist agreed, yet would not give us our money back. Three days later we are still trying to get a hold of the Inn owner for our refund.

- Receptionist did all of the above in front of other Inn guests. Can you believe that?!

- The room we stayed in was okay, nothing spectacular - but if we were to return (which we won't) we would select a different room.

- Tried to charge us for the breakfast the first morning, didn't even ask if we were staying in their property, just gave us the bill. We sat for 30 minutes not knowing what to do, then asked if we could put this on our room bill - which is when they realized we were staying there. I'm not sure about you - but when I see 3 people in pajamas at my bed & breakfast I'd assume they were staying... not to mention our 2 room keys on the table (they have funky key chains that are unmistakable)

- Second night people upstairs were arguing and stomping around. When I went upstairs to ask them to quite down I heard what they were yelling "You (insert profanity) throw that away I'll (insert profanity) kill you." At this point I decided that I would not ask them to be quite - rather retreat to our room and put up with it...

- Did I mention they ripped us off and won't give us our money back?!

If the Inn owner reads this, we invite you to respond. While you can't do anything about the other hotel guests, you could make sure your staff is pleasant and friendly and does not over-react to a simple question. You could also make sure to ask all your breakfast guests if they are staying in your Inn (there were only 4 tables when we ate both times).


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