Seaside Bath Saltsorder

M Nov 17, 2017

I placed an order with them and was told that it would arrive this past Tuesday morning. I called Wednesday morning and have been sending text messages and can not get anyone on the phone to discuss my order. This is turning out to be the biggest scam I have ever seen. I called all day Wednesday, Thursday and this Friday morning, just hitting redial over and over again. I keep getting the message that the google customer you called is not available right now, when I placed my order initially Kyle guaranteed personally that my package would arrive. And now I cannot get him or anyone else on the phone, or to text me back.

  • Updated by Maxxmyoes · Nov 18, 2017

    So this afternoon I finally get someone on the phone to ask them where my order is? The gentleman on the phone states they need another 250.00 so that I can borrow someone's DEA card. I told him that was a felony and I just wanted my money refunded. Says he can't do that. So I guess I am out 350.00.

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