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Sears Washer / Dryer 800 Series / washer/dryer/service

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Beware beware beware if there was a rating lower than -100, that's where this should be rated!!! This is the worst piece of junk available.

Purchased just two weeks ago, an auto sensor is supposed to sense the weight of the clothing and fill to the appripriate water level. It does not provide enough water to get the garments wet. Your only other option with any sears machine equipped with this auto load sensor is to raise the lid and have the washer fill to the maximum level — if that will in fact happen... It usually didn't... No water savings there. Beware here too... Once you start the cycle, if you lift the lid for any reason (Such as to add a hankie) your only fill option is to the maximum level... Something the local sales people did not know. The machine resets and weighs the water in the basket and provide water to wash the water!

The agitator captures and rips the clothing under the fins. Huge design flaw.

You must run the spin cycle 2-3 times to remove water. Even on the heavy bedding cycle, you can ring excessive amounts of water by hand out of lingerie! It would be impossible to remove water from towels! They would be soaked.

There is a loud "klunk" and shutter every time the cycles change. Sounds like something is trying to break apart.

While you can select water temperature, the machine does not mix warm water... Your clothing is subjected to alternating hot and cold water being dumped in... Great for delicate/knits.
All sears and whirlpool models do this, but the salespeople don't know that either. Check the manual, bottom of page 4.

The matching 800 series dryer is equally terrible. It takes three cycles to dry one light weight knit top. The auto moisture sensor goes on and off... As a result the heat goes on and off... While the dryer continues to operate, consuming 220v of electricity. No energy savings there. The only way we were able to dry clothing was on a very long timed cycle at the hottest cotton setting. The clothing comes out of the dryer twisted and wrinkled. Everything required ironing.

The original delivery person did not test the washer... Simply pulled out the knob to see if the water was filling and declared the washer "operational". He refused to install the dryer vent stating we had the "wrong part" for the vent kit. I installed the vent kit myself. Apparently the installer simply didn't want to be bothered.

Yesterday we arranged to have these lemons returned and purchased a more expensive set. The delivery person just left... The new washer is sitting at the front door where the delivery person left it as he would not remove the "old" washer as removal wasn't on his "work order". The new dryer door fell off during unpacking, so we refused delivery. The two week old set won't be picked up until sunday.

Sears service (Despite their overly polite 1-800-4-myhome operators) is terrible... I have low expectations for the new washer/dryer ($1800 on sale!).
The government has mandated a 21% increase in energy efficiency... No energy savings here... Only frustration.

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  • Gr
      5th of Apr, 2010
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    I too had purchased a 800 series and it was nothing but a piece of junk. After a few
    months it would not put any water in the tub and would wash with no water. After
    3 repairmen came, put new sensors on, blah, blah, it still did not work to my satisfaction.
    I requested another repairman come because each time my husband was there and
    they would explain to him that it senses enough water to wash the load that was in the
    machine...not so, how did it know that I had 6 heavy pair of jeans in there that were
    totally dirty and it would not even fill above the line of clothes. Long story short I scheduled
    someone come out when I was home, made the appt. and he never showed and never
    bothered to call. The next day after about 15 people, being on hold dor 38 min. then being
    disconnected, FINALLY got the right person on the line, he recommened that the washer
    be replaced, wrote the report, an authorization person called me within a couple of hours,
    got the auth. no. and the next day I got a NEW washer...600 series and I LOVE IT.
    I had read reviews on it and some say it is noisy, mine is not, but you know I think I
    could stand noise over no water. Best of luck to all of you that still have the 800's.

  • Ka
      28th of Jan, 2013
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    I also have an 800 Series Washer - It has ruined so many pieces of clothing, brand new towels by grabbing them at the bottom of the washer and pulling them apart. Inevitably, the wash cycle will get out of balance and register "UL" Un-level Load. I must stop the cycle, open the lid and readjust the load - several times. For the last several months the panel has become more and more difficult. Some buttons work, some don't, some - if I keep pushing the button at different angles etc...eventually connect. I will never, ever buy a top load, HE style washer again. This was my 2nd one. The first was recalled. I should have learned.

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