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Sears Portrait Studio / shadey pricing

1 Pittsburgh, PA, United States Review updated:

I recently went to a Sears Portrait Studio which I have been going to for a number of years for portraits of my children. I have always been pleased with the staff (very nice) and the photos (good quality and creative). However, I have become concerned with their pricing and feel that they may be taking advantage of customers.

The salesperson never tells you how much each sheet of photos is. They charge different amounts for "enhancements". You don't recieve an itemized list of how much your photos are. You basically tell them which ones you want, they figure out the price then tell you that there is a "package" that is just as much and you will recieve all the photos you have selected plus something else and urge you to purchase that.

On my most recent visit I had a coupon for 20% off and a free 10x13 and for the life of me cannot figure out how they got the elevated price they got. My one year old was getting fussy as we had allready been there an hour and we needed to get out asap so I didn't have time to argue. Once home I still cannot figure out how they got to the price they quoted me. Also, I have always been a member of the Smile Saver club because it's cheaper than paying a sitting fee. For years no salesperson ever told me that I should have been getting a free 8x10 with each session and that Mon-Thurs is BOGO free. I only found out when I went online looking for coupons for my session.

Because of this I will not be returning to Sears. When you take small children there it is just too hard to keep them occupied, pick you photos on the spot and try to figure out if your getting stiffed. My hairdresser said go to JCPenny's, their quality is very good and pricing is better.

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  • Sh
      12th of Jul, 2009
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    Just to let you know, the new Super Saver Program (which gives you the free 8X10 and BOGO Mon-Thur is a relatively new program that just started in 2008. So chances are you weren't being "swindled" out of free products "for years". Also, your Super Saver Card lists all of the deals you can take advantage of.

  • Ef
      14th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    They shouldn't have had to tell you about the free 8x10 or BOGO because it is printed right on the front of the Supersaver card. There isn't any fine print listing the benefits so don't blame the company because you just stuffed it into your purse after purchasing it. A worker isn't going to remind you of BOGO if you don't mention it. Why would they? they want you to spend more money. Each photographer has to keep a PRS average of at least 100 bucks...or they are at risk of losing their jobs. that means they get in trouble if they have several customers spending under 100 bucks. it brings the average down.

  • Ok
      12th of Jan, 2010
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    Hate to break it to you, but at JCP, or any other studio, you are going to be upsold as much as possible.

    It's how the employees earn their money. It's what their managers and their manager's managers are breathing down everyone's neck: get your averages up!!!

  • Jg
      3rd of Apr, 2010
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    the smile savers has always given the 8x10 for free my step daughter is now 8 and her mother worked for sears.. not the portrait studio and even 8 years ago they didnt give her any discount she only got a free membership for the smile savers and it always came with a free 8x10 and my mother told me they had that when i was young to so that is total bs they should have told you about it. i would be very upset as well.but it is true that the bogo is all new and in a very awesome deal

  • Bu
      18th of May, 2010
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    JCP always gives you a free 8x10 with every visit no need to join the club, although the portrait club does end up saving you money. Also you can print the online coupons for 3.99 a sheet

  • Ph
      15th of Apr, 2011
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    the package deal you mentioned probably ended up saving you a lot of money...a natural color 8x10 portrait costs $9.99 while and enhanced (black and white, soft focus, text, border, etc) cost $19.99 for 8x10. (note: there is only a flat enhancement fee of $9.99 which will cover as many enhancements as you want on that photo). Also, if you wanted a portrait CD, those are $250 just on their own for the full image CDs due to copyrights and such**these are prices from my studio, they may vary in different regions**
    so, example:
    8 8x10 portrait sheets with enhancements-normal price $160
    1 10x13 wall portrait with enhancement-normal price $30
    portrait CD that includes original and enhanced images: $250
    retail value: $440. you pay: $190
    and the 20% off and free 10x13 coupons you had could have been combined as well.
    now, if you wanted a collage (2 or more images on a single sheet) those start at $29.99 so if you were picking those out, that may have been how your price got so high, as these are not included in that bundled deal.
    I hope this helps iron out any confusion. As a photographer for this company, it is true that we have a goal PRS of $100, but I know how valuable a dollar is to everyone these days and if someone is suggesting one of these bundles to you, they are probably doing you a favor and saving you lots of money.

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