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Sears - Pinellas Park, Florida / Citicard Credit Services / totally unethical behavior and business practices

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Sears in Pinellas Park Florida / Citicard Credit Services

To Whom It May Concern,

This account is complicated to follow, but I will try to lay out all transactions and issues on the part of Sears and The Gold MasterCard processing, and demonstrate how your recording of these transactions are in error.

On 2/18/06 I purchased a vacuum cleaner on the account, with total charges of $386.24.

On 4/27/06 I purchased a washing machine in the amount of $711.40. I have enclosed the receipts for both of these.

The matter is complicated in that on 4/22/06 I purchased a washing machine, but it was defective, and I returned it. On 4/25, I received the replacement washer, and it too was defective. This led to the 4/27/06 purchase and the final debit transaction.

You will notice on the 5/16/06 Statement, I was incorrectly billed. It reflects a 4/27/06 purchase of $1,364.09. This contradicts the receipt of $711.40. Furthermore, on my original 4/22/06 purchase, it included a protection agreement, but upon returning the defective product, the agreement was not refunded. This was in the amount of $246.09. My dispute with these billing errors have occurred over two case numbers: #XXXXXX and #XXXXXX. During this period, my account should have been put on hold, and no interest or fees should have accumulated. On 8/25, the cases were resolved, and my account was credited in the amount of $406.60, not $711.40 as you have indicated in your 2/22/07 and 3/27/07 communications to me. Evidence of the $406.60 credit can be seen on your 8/25/06 communication and the 6/16/06 billing statement. However, this credit was also reversed on the same statement.

According to my 3/16/07 statement, I have a zero balance. I expect, as of my last payment of $40.79 made on 1/08/07, interest and fees have not accrued. I think if you follow the transaction activity below, where all the inaccurate charges, adjustments and reversals have been removed, you can see how my account should reflect a zero balance. I used an annual rate of 18.99% and an average daily balance finance charge method. It may not perfectly reflect your calculations but should be directionally correct within just a few dollars.

Finance Charge
Total Balance

Prog Can, Dust Bag...

Promotional Credit


Neptune HE CLR and Pedestal







What has added to my frustration is the fact that neither Sears nor the Gold MasterCard processing department has admitted any fault. The constant attention I have to pay to these issues is costly in time and money for me. Not included in the list of transactions above is the Sears service call in the amount of $50 to tell me the 4/22/06 washing machine was defective - an amount not reimbursed. Also not listed above is the washing machine I purchased in December 2004, which was under investigation for class action claims against it - something not disclosed by the salesperson who sold it to me, nor any Sears representative. I consider this to be totally unethical behavior. This original washing machine, which I possessed for only 15 months, began destroying clothes. Sears would not warranty this machine nor reimburse me for the damage to nearly $2000 worth of un-wearable garments. That original washing machine was valued at $749. This has not been reimbursed.

It is in my estimates that I have received about $1097.64 in goods and services from Sears, at a cost to me of about $3914.54. At this time, I feel you should close this account in good standing with a zero balance and consider this dispute case closed. Otherwise, I will have to pursue this matter with the legal remedies at my disposal to recuperate lost funds.

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