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OK, we went to the Sears Outlet store in Franklin Mills, PA and bought a new range. It was a few hours from home, but we thought that Sears was a national store and that if there was a problem with it, we could return it locally. The price was OK, not great. They said that it was valued at about $2000. and we got it for $1267. In retrospect, the technician that looked at the oven said that it was last year's model and would not be valued at $2000.00. We could have bought a brand new one for that price. Ennyhoo, the salesman said that it works, but it just had cosmetic damage. One little ding in the side. I could live with that b/c it didn't show when I put it in between two cabinets. If there was anything else wrong, the salesman said we could call for service under the one year warranty and if the technician can't fix it after three visits, Sears will replace it. Well, when we turned it on, the knobs got really HOT! My husband thought something was seriously wrong with this thing. We called for service and the repairman said that the whole oven cavity was bent and the door won't close all the way because of the way the oven is bent. The repairman didn't offer to take it and replace it. He told us to return it to any Sears for replacement or refund. We went to the Local Sears store and they refused to let us return it. Then we tried the local Sears Outlet store, and they also refused to take it back. We called the national number and they also didn't honor the Lying salesman's warranty. Additionally, we couldn't return it to the Sears outlet that was nearby. We had to drive it all the way back to Franklin Mills in Philadelphia (3 1/2 hours away) to get rid of it. I cannot believe that they lied to us about all of this and put us through all of this trauma trying to return a range/oven!! I will never set foot in another Sears store again, and you should not either.

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      Jun 20, 2009

    First of all YOU HAVE stepped foot back in a Sears store and bought a bunch of clearance and discounted items and walked out. If there were a penny for every customer who has ever said that someone somewhere would be verrrrry rich. The outlest stores are not BRAND NEW PRODUCTS. They have some NOT all. You had a warranty then you should have called a SEARS service. if it was a valid complaint they would have given you a replacement which you could have picked up from ANY SEARS OUTLET store. How do I know this? I was YOU once and have been through the schibang! ALL OF IT. And why did you go to a place 3 1/2 hours away to shop again...??? Could it because you were looking to get something for nothing...and when you so the item to purchased your eye balls turned into big dollar I about right??? When you self educate on shopping smart you wouldnt blame the salesmen. SALES PEOLE are not GOD! Be smart have a definite idea of what you want and how much you are willing to pay for it. Remember if you ask for dropped down prices and shop outlets you can get great bargains dont blame everyone but yourselves you didnt do the appropriete things to redeem or exchaneg your purchase. You should have shopped a yard sale or a buy me ad - instead of going to some outlet store.

    Outlets are meant for ppl who are shopper savy. You are great at writing bad reviews why dont you go right a good one for every time someone has given you exemplery service! Disgusting!

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