Sears Master Agreement Warrantyelectric stove

I have had a sears Master Protection Agreement for years.

I placed a service call for my electric range as it was not working properly.

The technician came out and inspected the stove. He noted a few issues, including small items such as the door hinge, but his biggest concern was the bottom heating element. He stated that the coil was not working correctly and was a fire hazard. He made a few phone calls and stated that he couldnot replace the part so under my contract the appliance should be replaced.

The technician called the problem in and told the repair office that the stove could not be repaired as he could not replace the parts and that the stove should be replaced. The person whom he spoke with denied the claim and stated they would send me a check for $124.00.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Trumbull, CT

I called the service numbers listed and spoke first to Christine and then to Samantha in the Warranty Department. I went through the entire scenario and wanted to know why my policy was not being honored. She said that she could make the determination whether to replace the appliance or give a check for parts. I stated the technician's comments regarding the coil and that the stove was a fire hazard. Samantha went through the tech's report and agreed with what the tech had written but she kept talking about the door. I said I didn't care about the door I cared that the stove was a fire hazard and Sears was not honoring my contract. I reiterated "I have a stove covered by Sears, with a Sears warranty, and was told by a Sears tech that the stove is a fire hazard, and Sears is telling me they are denying my claim with the knowledge that their covered appliance is a fire hazard." She said yes. Her last comment floored me - she stated "if you have homeowner's insurance they would cover any fire damage." I'm still in shock at that comment.

May 22, 2018

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