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Sears / terrible experience!

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After a lifetime of being a devoted Sears customer, I will never do business with Sears again. Bought a $2000 GE refrigerator w/ 5 yr warranty. Had a problem, called Service. My mistake.

Scheduled svc for 2/6 8:00-12:00. Was told that I would get a call after 8:00 am. Provided my cell and home phone #s.

2/6 Appt #1
Got a msg at 7:45 am from the tech, while in the shower. No call back number. Immediately called Svc [protected]. Told them I would be out until 8:30 taking the kids to school, so to have the tech call my cell. However, he came at 8:20 and called my home phone that he was there. Got home at 8:30, called Svc again, who said they would have the tech return. Nothing. Called 5-6 times each time being told the tech would call w/in 30 mins. Finally, at 1:30 I rescheduled for next morning 8:00-12:00.

2/7 Appt #2 & #3
After 9:00 am called Svc who claimed that my service WASN'T IN THE SYSTEM! Had to reschedule for 8:00-5:00. Was told the tech would call sometime to confirm.

Called Sears [protected] to complain. While looking at my log, said that MY 8:00-5:00 SERVICE HAD BEEN REJECTED! Funny, nobody called to tell me. Said that I had to reschedule, so I asked for the (MA) District Svc Mgr. After 10 mins got a number [protected].

Appt #4
I called and was told that the Svc Mgr was not in and to call the 800 number. After insistence, a Jim Louder said that my service was rescheduled for 2/8. I told him that 3 days off from work was unacceptable. He said to schedule service for a Saturday, not caring what I had been through. I insisted on service today, but he would not commit or commit to a call back for yes or no.

So, now I will make it my goal to find someone high enough in the Sears organization who actually gives a rats @$$ about customers, so that they understand why I will never be one again. I will also spread the word so that others don't have to suffer through the Sears Service Nightmare.

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  • Ma
      19th of Oct, 2007
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    SEARS refused to give me an adjustment for a Craftsman cordless polesaw less than two years old that no longer works. I ordered from Sears a new battery and a new charger totaling $86.00, but it still doesn't work. Sears refused to:

    1)make some kind of adjustment for the polesaw either an exchange, or partial refund;
    2)refund me my money for the new charger and battery even though I had receipts, stating I had ordered the charger and battery on line this month. The store manager says the individual stores cannot refund online merchandise EVEN THOUGH THE ONLINE SITE CLEARLY STATES YOU CAN TAKE ANY ITEM ORDERED ONLINE AND RETURN IT TO ANY SEARS STORE.
    I walked out leaving the pole saw, the battery and the charger. I'm a SEARS "preferred" customer since 1974. Today I canceled my credit card. I will never walk into a SEARS store again. I surely miss the integrity of the "old" SEARS stores. Everything they have is made in China and of course because it's "crap" they can no longer stand behind it.

  • No
      23rd of Nov, 2007
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    SO SEARS WHO HAS THE BEST REFUND POLICY ON EARTH WHO ALLOWS you to drag in your rusted ,broken dented ,non working 1 year old merchandise is not good enough now you want 2 years??? well hell why not make everything a buy it once and if it ever dies or has a problem it os forever reefundable ??? i mean that way there wont be a single store left on earth?? ewhy because no one will be able to sell anything at some point in time everyone will be just shopping to exchange stuff no new sales ever !! hahahaahah

    dude get off it stop being a cheap ### buy a new one !
    and next time buy a replacement agreement they are for 2 years instead of the regular 1 year store warrenty this is by the way the only time ill ever recommend a warrenty is on power tools !! you can beat the crap out of em and smile when retuning them lol

    so now you are going to shop somewere else lol ok well cant wait till u try and return something anywere else its 30 days partneR (: so good luck!

  • Hw
      8th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    You are correct. Sears should call it Customer NO Service. I ordered a washing machine on line and was told that it was shipped out, only to call back two days later to find out if it was delivered to the store for pickup, and was told that it was on backorder. How could it have been shipped out two day ago, if it is on backorder. They will tell you what you want to hear just to make a sale. I got terrible customer service from the 1-800 number and in the store. They had no explanation. They never even said they were sorry. No worries, I went next door to Lowes bought the same washing machine at a better price, and took it home with. It seems as if Sears could learn a few things from their neighbor. I also will never shop at a Sears again.

  • Do
      18th of Jan, 2008
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    if its not in warranty suck it up and move on your fault here 100%

  • Er
      29th of Feb, 2008
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    I sent a $400 diamond necklace in for repair. The repair company Sears uses said that they shipped it back, even providing a tracking number. When contacted, UPS stated that the package was never sent out. So far... 5 months later I am still chasing the missing necklace. No one from the store seems to want to get involved except Loss Prevention, whom I know personally. The jewelry manager is not helpful at all.

  • An
      10th of Dec, 2008
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    1. Everything breaks eventually. Unless the product was still under warranty, or you purchased an additional warranty, you are not going to get it replaced. No other store is likely to replace it for you either.

    2.There are problems doing online returns in store. I probably could have done it (I work at Sears), but the vast majority of employees do not know how to process an online return. (The store manager at my store doesn't even know how to run a register.) For some reason, the in store computer system does not recognized the online reciepts, even though it is suppossed to. This is, of course, Sears's fault, not yours.

    -The pole saw, the battery, and the charger were likely thrown in the garbage. I'm not sure what you were trying to accomplish by doing that. You probably should have taken them home with you and called the online customer service number.

    -Sears Credit Cards are owned by Citibank, not Sears. Canceling your Sears Charge has little or no effect on Sears (but may hurt your credit rating).

    -Your chances of finding products that were not made overseas are slim to none. You may be able to find some items on specialty online stores, but if you walk into any department store in the country you will be unable to find many American-made items.

  • Sh
      4th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    If the person has a receipt and the warranty for said product is covered under it for a period of time (appliances is usually 2 to 5 years) then the store that they purchased it from is obligated to do something about to repair the product. Citibank/Sears credit services (boy what a joker there), can't even keep or, update their records properly. They are either incompetent, stupid (I won't insult handicap people by saying [censor]ed, the handicap people have more intellengence). I say file a complaint with the FTC & BBB then go to every (and I do mean every) news outlet and social network and nail to the wall. Either way good luck.

  • Be
      6th of Dec, 2012
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    I too had a bad experience with the repair service at Sears. They are experts at giving you the run around. Have tried for 3 days to get a technician out to repair a water heater. I am currently on the phone with them again. I am so frustrated I am ready to just forget all warranties and pay another professional to come out and fix it. Too bad because we've been long-time shoppers of Sears, willing to pay a bit more for better customer service. Well those days are over. I'll buy my appliances and whatever else somewhere else. I wouldn't buy a pair of panty hose at Sears now.

  • Ni
      14th of Oct, 2016
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    Same problem with Jim, bought a stove, they sold me a converter kit to adjust to my propane. After 4 repairmen, they said the stove could not be converted to propane. Jim is blaming my gas company for converting it wrong. The liar. I have the name of the repairman who claims he has 2 other stoves like this. I'm thinking of going to small claims court!

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