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Sears / Kitchenaid / ice machine does not work

1 Mission, British Columbia, Canada
Contact information:
Phone: 604 826-2372

We bought all new appliances for our newly renovated kitchen in june 2007. We found that the exhuast fan on the over the range microwave was not moveing anything and when I called to see if there is something that could cause this I was told that I would be charged to have this looked at. This was not the microwave we ordered and when I called they said it would be approx 1 month to get the right one sent there so becuase this would hold up the reno process we desided to keep this one that does not work to this date.
On our Kitchenaid fridge the ice machine moter that dispenses the ice keeps freezing up and stops working Every time some one comes to look at it nothing is done. 1st time some one used a blow dryer on it, that lasted about 8 hrs, the next time no one sowed up, the next time a different person showed up and said they didn't bring any parts and the would order them and reschedual, no call to reschedual came, the next time I schedueled in aug of this year and they showed up a week early when we were on holidays, then the next new person showed up at the end of the day when i schedueled for the morning and forgot the parts, the when he came back the next day the part they thought was causeing the problem was not needed because it was already in place( this is after draging it out on the hardwood floors). the motor was replaced but he was going to call Kitchenaid to find out why this keeps happening. No call to this date. I have missed alot of time from work waiting each time for some one to show up, allot of no shows, i've called costomer service and asked how long is this going to go on for and I was told as long as the technician says it is fixable. I said to them with them sending a contacted tech they make money every time the come out this could go on for years, they said thats right and after 90 days it can't be returned. I told them to send out one of there own techs om the last call they said they would but when I asked the guy if he worked directly with sears he said no he is contracted and this was the last person to work on it that was to order new parts and talk to Kitchenaid and told me he would call me and I need not set up another appointment becuase I would get a new person again and have to start over.
I have always bought in the past from sears because they USED TO BACK THEIR PRODUCT but after talking to customer service I now know different and have talked to family members and freinds to let them know what I was told by customer service and how sears is not the same as it used to be so why pay more when you can get the product cheaper from most other stores and have the same or better backing of their product. I will never shop their again and will return any gifts bought from that store. When I see people looking at there appliances I tell them my story and how I have a 3000.00 fridge that is still not working.

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