Sears international / wrong item shipped and lack of response from customer service, Qatar

I placed an order for a Power Rack PPR200x and a PFID Incline Bench on the 1st of Jan 2015. First, they shipped only the Incline Bench and there was no sign of the Power Rack. I contacted their international customer service chat team on the 7th of Jan 2015 could only tell me that they will "research" the situation and get back to me and to send an email to their international email team. The international email team never responded to that request. On the 13th I however received an automated email that my remaining item has shipped in 3 different tracking numbers. I received 1 box ( out of 3 ) on the 17th . The tracking system could not tell me the tracking numbers of the other 2 boxes, and customer chat team said they need 5-7 business days to research and get back to me where the other 2 boxes are. Next day DHL delivers 2 other boxes ( it had a baby crib brown cardboard boxing, but the dimensions were similar to what I was expecting) and when I checked with them, DHL showed me the labels that these were my boxes. So I open it up, and both the boxes are for a baby crib that should've been delivered to some other Sears Customer.

Once again, I contacted the customer chat team, and they first told me they don't even have an international chat team and they cant help me, please send an email to the international service team. I insisted that I had chatted with them multiple times already, and then the customer service agent changed their statement that the international chat team is not available and they can't tell what time they will be online, so please contact the email team. So, I proceed to send an email to the international team on the 18th Jan, and pleasantly enough, they respond to my email within a day, saying that they are sorry for the error and they will arrange for an RMA for the Crib and find out the status of my 2 missing boxes and ship them over. Unfortunately, since then, they have just been responding asking for another 2 days every time to get a response back from their international shipper partner Borderfree, and now the responses have just stopped altogether.

To summarize, I am stuck with 1 out of 3 boxes of my item and the bench that I can't use now and a baby crib that is of no use to me and the full amount charged to my credit card. I had dealt with Amazon for many international purchases previously, and never got into such problems, or if problems arose, the customer service was quick to take care of issues. I thought Sears was a reputable company as unfortunately, this experience has left a real bad taste in my mouth.

Jan 27, 2015

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