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Sears / Ge Harmony Washer / I hope that you never have to deal with these people!

1 United States

Below is a copy of a letter I sent to Alwyn Lewis the president/ceo of sears.

I hope no one else has these problems.

Here is the information I've found out if anyone needs it in the future.

Sears Service Unit # 8214
8000 National Highway
Pennsauken, NJ 08110

I pray that you never have to deal with these people.

Read this atrocity:

On April 9, 2007 the washer machine reported via its LCD screen there was problem with the unit. My wife contacted [protected] your warranty home service. My wife spoke with the call center and scheduled an appointment for Tuesday April 10, 2007.

April 10th - I received a call from your call center on my cell phone, which for some reason was the contact number they had, even though we had given them the home phone number to use. When I contacted the call center minutes later, they had stated that since the cell phone wasn’t answered the tech messaged them and told them we weren’t home to accept the service and we would have to reschedule. I reluctantly was given a date of Friday April 13th, 2007.

April 13th - We once again waited and called the call center to find out what time the tech would be at our home. The call center stated that we should expect the tech between 1p and 5pm. After calling in around 4pm to see if the tech was still going to arrive, we were told someone would get right back to us. A few minutes later, I received a call from the call center, I was told by the call center that the tech has once again messaged in saying that no one was at the home to answer the service call. I asked the call center why if no one was home or reachable at the phone number as the tech was claiming, why was the call center able to reach me on that line minutes later to inform me that no one would be there. They call center person said it did sound peculiar.

It is at this time, I called the Deptford NJ store and spoke with sales associate Lisa Bello. She told me she might be able to find out some info for us. She talked with someone at the local service center/unit and told us someone would be at our home on Saturday.

April 14th – The tech came to our home, informed us that we needed several parts, a pump, motherboard, and some other items. The tech stated that this was a two man job, and that we would have to remove the dryer from the utility room prior to the next appointment so that could work in the room. He also informed us that parts would be shipped directly to our home and to call into the call center to verify that we indeed receive the parts so that the techs didn’t waste a trip to our home on Friday if the parts were not there. I find this to particularly amusing because the there was such a sound of concern on his part not to have to waste a trip to our home, yet we had wasted two days already waiting for a tech to come.

I guess the service tech’s time from your company is more valuable than ours.

We paid the tech the $69 service call fee, and were given a receipt that specifically stated we were scheduled for an appointment on Friday April 20th between 8a-5p. (Please see enclosed copy)

April 19th – The call center left an automated message on our home phone to call in and confirm the parts were delivered to our home. My wife called and confirmed the parts indeed were delivered and was told the tech(s) would be there tomorrow. After working a 19-hour day, I came home and removed the dryer from my utility room in accordance with your techs directions in anticipation of the schedule appointment tomorrow.

April 20th – My wife checked with the call center approximately every two hours to confirm the time and the status of our appointment. She was told we were 8th on the list. At approximately 4:30pm my wife contacted the call center to inquire as to the status of the tech and was told we were never scheduled for this date and someone would be there on the 24th. My once again contacted the call center to complain and was repeatedly hung up on.

I contacted the call center and told them of my story; they forwarded me to corporate complaints. I have to say the woman Crystal who answered the call was very helpful. Unfortunately she after she forwarded me to the corporate complaint department another woman put me on hold, after approximately 30 seconds on hold I was disconnected.

Once again I called into the call center, surprisingly Crystal answered my call. I explained what had happened and she apologized and tried to forward me again. This time I was connected to a Margaret (ID # 27362). She read over the notes and assured me that the tech(s) would be on the Tuesday April 24th.

I asked for the Manager’s information for the service unit we are dealing with (Unit # 8214) she stated the Manager would be in on Monday and would message him/her to contact me. I asked for the contact information for the unit, she told me she could not provide it to me.

Margaret noted the history notes for my case stated that I didn’t have an appointment for today the 20th only the 24th.

So it is at this point, after getting the worst run around in my consumer buying experience I am writing this letter to you 9pm on a Friday night.

As the leader of one of the most identifiable American brands/company in the country I would hope this is not acceptable to you or your company.

If I performed this inadequately on my job, it would not be my job any longer.

I hope that you find this matter as troubling as I do, and that you can take the proper steps to correct it.

Unfortunately I have to say that I will no longer shop at your stores due to my current experience.

I look forward to hearing from you in the future.


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