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Sears - Gaithersburg, Maryland / poor repair service

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Four years ago we purchased a Samsung wide screen HD television from Sears in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Last year the color convergence went out making it impossible to adjust the color which had gone crazy. Since we purchased the TV from Sears, we called their Home Repair Center to have the problem repaired. After waiting a week for an appointment the technician arrived but didn't have the part to make the repair (even though they knew the problem before arriving and the part needed to fix it). The tech said he would have the part shipped and rescheduled the appointment for the following week. The following week a different tech came and said the first tech ordered the wrong part, and he would have to order a different part, which he did. Ten days later the original tech came and said the second tech didn't know what he doing and installed the original part he ordered.

A year later, the exact problem again occurred with the color convergence. Against my better judgment I called Sears again for the repair thinking that what happened the first time was just bad luck. I provided the Service Center with the make and model of my TV and the exact problem, even though they still had my records from the last year. On July 9th the technician arrived fully aware of what the problem was and what parts were needed to fix it. Of course he didn't have the parts on his truck needed to fix it, and once again had to order the part and have it shipped to my house. The part arrived on the 12th, but the earliest Sears could come back was July 16th. The night before I received a computer generated call from Sears confirming the service repair date for Monday the 16th. By 5PM the service tech didn't show up and nobody called. I was furious because I had arranged my work schedule so I would be close to the house and be available to let them in, not to mention I made separate arrangements for my kids to be picked up from day camp so I would be available for the tech. When I called the customer service line, of course they were apologetic, but couldn't offer an explanation why nobody showed up or didn't call. They customer service rep said I had been rescheduled for July 30th (without checking to see if I was even going to be around then). I complained that was ridicules to have to wait another two weeks. She said there was nothing they could do. Not happy I demanded to speak to someone else. I was switched to Sears's Recovery department. The woman was very nice, said she understood why I was so angry, and assured me they would fit me in sooner by putting me on their list for when people call to cancel an appointment. Well after waiting another week and not hearing I called again. The CS person again apologized and said they must not have any cancellations, and I would just have to wait until the 30th. I then said I would return the new part sitting at my house, and wanted all my money back. She said the 90 dollar service charge I paid was non refundable.

Is there anything else I can do?

Joe Mudano

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