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On 3/1/16 I called the auto center at hunt valley mall and spoke with Tim. I let him know what i needed (tires) and wanted. i told him that i was gonna purchase on line because i got a discount on tires and service. He told me to come in 3-4:00 pm. I called prior to the appt to let Tim know i was not able to make the purchase on line...could he put it through using the coupon. He told me to just come in and he would take care of it.
When i arrived a young lady Alex (uneducated in autos) told me she was unable to use the coupon, and even if she were it would take 48-72 hours for it to "show" on her computer..WHAT was she talking about?. If I were to make the purchase, it would show up on MY computer immediately (as it would hers)...Just for kicks i made the suggestion that we take the info off my phone...HAHA!!!. Not only was sdhe acting as if I were an idiot, she was extremely rude.
At that point she told me i'd have to come back...i left work early to come to an appointment that THEY had made for me.
So i left, got in my car sand called the customer service number I was given by a very nice sales associate in the retail store.
IO spoke with Courtney (i believe) and she agreed it was ridiculous that they could not accomodate me by using the coupon. As it turned out, the computer would not accept the coupon code (it was 30% off), so she offered to send me a gift card. I was grateful she made the offer and accepted it with much appreciation. She then called the service center and got me in at approximately 6 pm.
I was leery of returning, but desperately needed tires.
I returned 1 hr later as told and got in my car only to find the tire pressure guage lit up. i immediately wentin and told Ashley, and she told me...'"oh drive it for 10-15 minutes and it will reset itself. Again, ...WHAT????
Now I do believe she thins I am totally out of it. Any mature driver knows that indicator lights must be turned off my technician...
I proceed to drive home with my car pulling to the right and shaking at any speed (which it did not do prior to the service), so much that i could not remove my hand from the steering wheel at all, and i had to hold it tight. The indicator light stayed on for another day. I decided to check the pressure in the tires. I had a;so purchased new valve stems which i do not believe were installed and 3 out of 4 tires did not have valve caps on them. There were 4 when I arrived. 3 out of 4 tires were low...the back right rear tire had 10 psi of pressure. So now, I am livid. Not only were they rude and neglected to do what they were paid for, they were now putting my life at risk. Low and behold the ytire pressure gauge light went off. Ive had to fgill that tire at least every 3 days
I believe I am due a new tire, a wheel balancing and allignment ( for the terrible service), 4 valve stems and caps. and or a full refund plus an allignment. And the giftcard I never received.
I am scared to death when I am driving and am ruining my brand new tires!
How dare them put my life at risk, as well as others.
I expect to have satisfaction within 48 hours or I will be calling the government compliance division, as well as any other authoritative places I can call.
Thank you,
Andrea DeFontes

sears auto cockeysville MD

Mar 24, 2016

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