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search profit system / It's a trick

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Phone: 1-888-673-3207

This is a $1.95 to get information on how to make money on the internet. However you have 3 days to cancel a subscription and it does not show this on the site anywhere. So there turn around and charge you $49.84 and will continue to make that charge even if you tell them no or you do not have the money. This is just another scam.

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  21st of Jul, 2009
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i agree i just got hit with the same crap. now my bank is telling me that i have to let go through and deal with disputing it.

  29th of Jul, 2009
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I spoke with a rep for these companies. They claim that the monthly charges - $28, 71 for Google profit Systems and $49.84 for My Money Plan - are listed in very small print at the bottom of the sigh up page. I never saw the charges myself, and I WOULD NOT have signed up with reoccuring monthly charges. Jade was not very interested in hearing how these programs appear to be a scam. When I used their contact us system, I received a bounce back for a company called Monoco classroom. Jade said she never heard of this company. I will have to agree,

  29th of Jul, 2009
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Here is the message I received when trying to "Contact Us"
This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients failed.
Try calling 1-888-673-3212, I got thru and had the charges reversed.

  19th of Aug, 2009
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I got scammed, they got me too. They took me for a $1.95, then $49.84 and $28.71 in less than ten days. They will charge you over and over with reccuring monthly charges. THE BEST SCAM EVER. I tried to get my money back and they gave me the $28.71 of it. I have talked with them all day trying to make them as angry as I am. Here is what I have found out. Its all THIRD PARY. And none of them do anything but read from a script, take what you say and flip the words around. SO WANT TO GET THEM BACK? CALL THEM at 866-311-7023 exten 222 a regular brand new rep named JORDON he got me my $28.71 back. He said he was hanging up I kept him on the line for almost an hr as he tried not to argue. Gave me a little joy to make him a little miserable. Then I got extension for some Supervisors... Casey same # ext 219 He sounded so young he must not have realized he was screwing everone and not getting the enjoyment from it. Then Shelly Clark another Supervisor. She told me over and over she wasn't as smart as me and read fictisous things from Jordon, that I did not say. And last but not least the Head Supervisor who is sick apparently conscious is getting the better of him same # ext 237 for MIKE VILES. They said that it was the wrong thing to do to give you this info. I think we should have had it in large print that the $1.95 was a teaser.

So if you would like a little EYE FOR AN EYE use this info...


  20th of Aug, 2009
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I likewise purchased the trial offer for $1.95. I liked the Money mastery product alot. I did call and cancel the search profit system before the 10 day trial was over and I was never charged for the subscription. I spoke with Shelly and she quickly cancelled me out and was plesant. Sounds like you caught them on a bad day.

Jim in Denver

  24th of Aug, 2009
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I got hit by this SCAM when I signed up for GOOGLE Profit system/Money-Plan. I did not know that the membership is required and there is a monthly fee for it. They charged $1.95 first and $39.95+$28.71 every month. I contacted the Credit card company and they asked me to call the SCAM people and try to resolve the issue first. If that does not help, then CC will dispute the transactions and will contact the SCAM people to resolve the issue.

I am in process of contacting.. they are in UT and has mountain time, two-hours time difference.

Will post again the result.

Stay away from GOOGLE Money Plan system.. it is a SCAM.

Joe in Poughkeepsie.

  1st of Sep, 2009
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I just got hit with the same scam! I am in the process of disputing it. I called them, and they tried to tell me it said that I would be charged, and I would never have signed up for it if that was the case.

  6th of Sep, 2009
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just happen to me as well, whats the best way to go about canceling, i need to cancel now before i lose the little money i have that i can use for better things being a young man with a lil family, i thought i could help them out with this program and of course americas all about capitalizeing, this money will enprison everybody who devours in it...
peace and unity
break the cycle

  18th of Sep, 2009
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Any one has any idea how to go after the scam people? They nothing but the fraud. I was thinking about going to state attorney general and complain. I am not sure if any consumer protection agency will help.

  18th of Sep, 2009
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I read the terms and conditions and quickly saw the monthly fees. The question is do you have enough time to use the product before they start charging...Have any of you actually used the product?

  30th of Sep, 2009
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I also read the terms and conditions and saw the fees. there is a link and the bottom of the page in hypertext. It also gives the number to call and cancel. It is 1 888 673 3212, says they are open monday thru sat 7 to 7 PST.

  14th of Oct, 2009
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i just got a charge aswell i never signed up for this really pisst. how do i cancel this scam all i wanted wa the information on the site and im gettine charged $29.71 how i go about cancelling this

  26th of Oct, 2009
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i was able to call and cancel it the next day, with littlw questions asked, due to the fact that you are indeed supposed to have 100% access to the terms and agreements, of which i did not, nor could i find out how.

and once i did, not only had they changed the site name, they changed the terms and agreement also (which is illegal)

so i quickly called them out on that, and they canceled it with no questions asked.

if they deny your cancellation, contact the Better Business Bureau.

this company is a scam, and the program teaches you nothing.

it simply tells you to create a blogger account, and that's it. everything else it asks you to do, you have to pay for on your own.

  10th of Dec, 2009
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how is it a scam if they gave back your money???
Define Scam for me would you?? I think we have bigger scams to worry about then a company giving you back your money??????

  11th of Dec, 2009
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i live in uk and i subscribed with them
its the second month they charged me and I don't wanna pay the anymore.
i tried subscribing by no result
can anyone tell me how they managed to get rid of them????

  11th of Dec, 2009
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i mean, if there is any other way than calling them,
like unsubscribe my email and details from their data base.
it would also charge a lot to call and argue with them across the atlantic
tnx guys

  11th of Jan, 2010
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THIS IS A HORRIBLE SCAM. I too signed up for $1.95 to receive articles to review how to possibly do home based business with Google. I was then to my surprise billed $59.84 under Search Profits .com, and then $59.84 from MMTWEET, then $29.71 from both companies. I attempted to email the Search for profits .com Contact us page and the emails were returned. I contacted my bank to investigate and get credit and while it was under investigation, They billed me again!! I all along attempted to contact their respective companies and phone numbers and ironically received the same receptionist and recording that they could not answer my call. Again the phone numbers all in Utah, were only a few digits apart!! 1-877-361-9525, and 1-877-361-9530, and lastly 1-888-673-3212. Finally on an investigation via the bank, I receive a paper page showing a Terms and Conditions page that obvisiously was hidden on their sign up page. I then again call customer service @ 1888-673-3212, and I get a human being!!!...But all of a sudden all their computers crashed and they could'nt help me. CONTACT the UTAH, Attorney General, BBB, and avoid all business with: My Money,
Search Profit, Partners for, Mars Hill, and Online Income
Systems .com, ALL THESE ARE UNDER ONE UMBRELLA SCAM COMPANY NETWORK, and Im sure next month will have a new name . Be careful of any business operations such as this out of UTAH.
It is truly unfortunate that there are predator companies out there literally STEALING our money, without any
regard except for their own greed. CONTACT EVERYONE YOU CAN TO SHARE THEIR UNETHICAL

  21st of Feb, 2010
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Well guys, you can get refund from the fraudulent company. Report to FBI (they have a URL for on-line scams) and report to your bank (if you used credit or debit card).

Remember that their site says "only $1.95". Only is the operative (key) word in my thinking.
Get after them.
Good luck.

  21st of Jan, 2011
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After reading your comments here, I freaked out because I had just decided to try it. Well, after looking into this system more, I realized I didn't want to do this, scam or not. I called this number 1-800-370-4538, and they refunded my money no questions asked. No problem. So If this is a scam or not, I am thankful they gave me the 49.95 dollar refund without a single complication.

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