Sear Auto / Told needed repairs that were not needed.

1 6287 100 Mall Road, Barboursville, WV, United States
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Phone: 3047330528

On the evening of May 28, 2015, I took my 2004 Prius to the Sear Automotive Center at the Huntington Mall in Barboursville, WV. At that time was informed by Mr. John Adkins the mechanic that both my inner-tie rods were loose and needed to be replaced along with all my struts and shocks. I had taken my car in to have its tires rotated and balanced only. Mr. Adkins said that it would make things worse if they rotated the tires and advised me against this, so I did not have the tires rotated. I had purchase the tires from Sears and was informed that this was a free service. That afternoon I had taken my car into Firestone to have it inspected for the state inspection. It passed inspection other than the suggestion of having my tires rotated. After Mr. Adkins told me my car was unsafe to drive, I took it back to Firestone and informed them what Sears had told me. They put it up on a lift for me to let me see that my car was perfectly fine and that there was no reason for it to not pass inspection and that there was no reason to feel my car was unsafe to drive, as Mr. Akins had told me. I have an appointment to go back to Firestone on Friday to have my tires rotated and balanced for the fee of $43.00 which I will gladly pay instead of going back to Sears to have it done free of charge. In fact I will not even buy my tires there anymore. The people at Firestone have been very professional and respectful...unlike Mr. Adkins at Sears. My next tires will not be purchased at Sears, but Firestone.

May 30, 2015

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