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Save your self the agony of purchasing defective items at an over priced rate. I purchased a king sized mattress in June of 2014 which cost me well over 1000 dollars. From the very first night that I laid on this mattress, I noticed that I was sleeping on a decline. The top middle of the bed had a large dent. It felt really awkward and I woke up with sever back pains. I immediately called their claim center to address this problem. This company knowingly sold me a defective item that causes me unnecessary pain and suffering!!!

Since 2014, I’ve filed THREE claims and all of them got decline. The company claimed that the indent was not severe enough to be fixed. Essentially, they acknowledged the fact that they delivered me a defective item but refuse to do anything about it because they felt it wasn’t broken enough to need fixing. Well they are not the ones sleeping on this spine damaging bed so how can they properly say what is deemed “broken enough”.

On the first inspection 07/07/14, (1) the report claimed that the indent was only 1 ¼ inches deep and they only repair mattress that are more than 2 inches deep. They advised me to wait a few months and call back when the indent gets worst. At the second inspection 10/31/14, (2) they claimed that the indent was now 1 ¾ inches deep. Great so in a few months they would have to honor their warranty when it reaches 2 inches deep right? Wrong! After the third inspection 11/07/14, (3) they stated the indent was now less than 1 inch deep and now they only cover for indents over 2 ½ inches deep.

So after sleeping uncomfortably on this mattress for months, it had somehow defied gravity and un-indented itself AND they decided to increase the inches of regression that qualities for the repair by another half an inch! I asked for a copy of the inspection but that also was denied. They claimed that it was against their policy to send the reports to their customers. Fine, then I asked them to fax over a copy of the terms and conditions for the warranty of that mattress on 11/07, 11/13 and 11/21. I’ve asked them to fax it over three times and every time they state that they will fax it over by the end of the day and still nothing! It is now June of 2015 and I haven’t heard or received anything back from them since Mid November. I will not put this to rest until they have found a resolution for my concern. If they cannot, I have no other recourse, but to file a civil lawsuit.

It is unlawful to knowingly sell someone a defective item claiming that it is in new condition regardless of what their warranty states.

Jun 19, 2015

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