Sealy Canada Ltd.Sealy posturepedic mattress

During the inspection of Karen Allen's mattress she indicated being told by the Sealy representative "Sealy didn't care about comfort that it was only a ruse to make the sale and meant nothing to them as a company". This is an outright lie by her. She was told however, "that it was impossible for Sealy to warranty a mattress for comfort simply because what one person finds comfortable another may not. This does not mean the mattress is defective in any way. A the time of purchase she received a warranty card which explained clearly that comfort was not covered under warranty and exactly what the warranty did cover. She also lies about being told Sealy's head office wouldn't care about warranty issues. They do care and take pride in resolving all legitimate warranty issues promptly. For Karen Allen to imply that the cost of her house would in any way change the outcome of her mattress inspection is ridiculous. Karen Allen is upset that she did not have her mattress replaced as hoped and is unjustly venting her anger on Sealy Canada and their representative Tom Ferrede.


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