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sealord hotel / sealord hotel Nightmare

1 4140 El Mar Drive Lauderdale-by-the-sea, Fl 33308LauderdalebytheSea, FL, United States

I have stayed at this hotel 3 times, the first time was ok, the second time
the Hotel was under construction and failed to let guests know, the internet
service they claimed to have was horrible and my last stay was a nightmare.

Upon checking in my wife had to do some work, so we went to the room and
sure enough the internet was down, we spent our vacation time back and forth
dealing with the front desk while they were "rebooting" and "rebooting"
again. Finally they said they called Comcast to fix the issue and the
internet was up and down for our entire stay.

I witnessed the owner of the hotel come out to the pool on our second day
and scream at someone's child that was diving into the deep end of the pool,
all in front of the child's parents, I was mortified for the parents, but if
that was my child I would have done a lot more than the child's parents did.
The owner quickly realized how many people were at the pool and apologized
for screaming, but tried to justify his yelling by saying they have no
diving at the pool and pointed at a sign on the wall.

My nightmare started on a night when this small hotel that had no business
hosting a wedding closed the pool and lobby to all guests inconveniencing
everyone staying in the hotel. My wife and I choose to leave knowing it was
just going to get worse for all the guests that night. We went into town and
arrived back after the wedding was over to find no parking because of the
wedding, I was met by a "security guard" that asked for the keys to my car
and offered to park my car which I refused. He then raised his voice to me
and I was appalled, when I objected to the way he spoke to me he threatened
to fight me, raising his fists...the situation was defused by family members
of the owner of the hotel that pretty much run daily operations.

I was then told to park across the street in a dark unlit parking lot and
that it was ok because the owner of the hotel just purchased the lot. As I
drove my car to the lot I noticed a sign that said illegal cars will be
towed. I hesitated to enter the lot and as I did I was accosted by some
crazy man that came out of the hotel next to the lot telling me to turn off
my headlights, he then told me that if I park there my car wouldn't be there
in the morning.

I drove back to the hotel and one of the owners family members moved their
car so I was able to park, the owner then tried to pacify my wife and I by
asking us to have drinks with him and after saying no 4-5 times I finally
gave in...The owner was telling me how he wanted more weddings and was
building up the place, building a spa and purchased the hotels across the
street, even showing my wife and I drawings of the new additions. I really
could care less as I was on vacation and it was 12:30-1am.

As per the owner they are trying to bring more weddings into the hotel and
inconvenience the guests that stay at the hotel further, all they seem to
care about is the revenue they are making on a one shot wedding rather than
repeat customers...

I am planning another trip to the area, but I won't go back to this
place...I will say this the view is good and the rooms are clean...other
than that they really don't care about the guests

...Take your chances at this hotel, they could be doing construction,
having a wedding or private party and forget reliable internet service that
won't happen...for the money they charge they should be more concerned with
the guests ..

Jun 6, 2013

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