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SCS Builders Inc / Awful experience

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I will start off by saying that we never complained too much, because Cal is a family member of my daughters boyfriend. Since then we have learned that he has done many of the same things to his own family. If you take advantage of your own family like that you are the lowest of the low, and you should be ashamed of yourself. Too bad Cal because you have such a wonderful loving family that I consider to be my own and love like my own. Did you do the same thing to the poor victims of Katrina? Is that why you came back to Texas, because there is still so much work to be done in Mississippi, and La.

Cal you promised when one of your workers stole from us, you would make it right. I called you in November of 2007, you said you would have the only 2 items that we requested replaced to us before Christmas. 9 months later...I'm still waiting.

You must have money, I have seen all the fancy black trucks and trailers and the fancy car all with vanity plates, and the picture of your home on your website. Bet no corners were cut there.

Now I see on your web-site you are diversifying in computer repair, Lord help those people.

Cal, you know if you would have hired experienced labor, and drew proper plans and was on the job site daily, you would not have all these problems. You blame the workers, but you are the one who hired them. You are the one who was quick to collect the money, and you are the one who hold the ultimate responsibility.

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  • Ca
      25th of Mar, 2009
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    Unappreciative People
    Hello Cindy, nice to hear from you, here on [redacted] and complaints board, when I have only heard from you once in the past, in wich you called with an electrical problem. A licensed electrician was at your place within an hour or two, solved the problem, and left. Other than that, I have not heard of any complaints until recently, through family members. I tried several times to contact you, even going as far as contacting your daughter. As for the work, yes it should speak for itself, it was inspected by the city of Odessa, and found to be acceptable. I have no clue of any deficits, because you chose to bash me here, publicly, and involve my family as well, it is you who should be ashamed of yourself, the one who drives a brand new mercedes, and lives in a very nice home, and has has the audacity to blast me, simply because I voiced my concerns to my nephew. As for the stolen items, you should probably talk to your husband, Mike. I credited the final draw $480.00 for those items, I have all receipts and paper work to prove this. I don't owe you anything. Some other things you failed to mention, I am the one who called the Police, and filed a police report sitting in your yard. There were licensed plumbers and electricians on your job, one of the best cabinet makers in west texas, one of the best tile layers, who does work for all the major flooring companies locally. If there was or is an issue, I have no problem fixing it. But I was never contacted, except for the electrical issue, and I gave immediate attention to it, and had it fixed the same day. Constuction is not a science, things will go wrong. The other people on rip-off had a legitimate complaint, I had several things go wrong on their job, I am not perfect, but we are working with them trying to get it corrected. If you have a problem, show me, I will fix it. If not, keep your hurtful comments, and public bashings to your self. As far as 'my family' goes, I have every receipt and signed contract for everything I've done. And every single one of them, I have lost huge amounts of money, by doing MORE than the contract states. All things I have written can be proven in any court of law. Just for your information, we gave you a quite a deal as well. Your total contract was $75, 470.00, we spent $60, 854.41, wich left us with about a 19% overhead and profit margin, wheras we usually make 30%, so you saved approximately $8, 000.00 on the so called 'Family Discount'.

  • Rh
      16th of Apr, 2009
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    I will start off by saying the lady who repeatedly mentions Cal Spoon's family is lucky to have the insight she does of Cal's personnel life and that of his family's, having this does not give her the right to use such information on a public website she does not speak for all of Cal's family, when the job was started it was not personnel and should have never become personel. I had work done by Cal SCS Builders a 2400 sq foot addition, I am happy with the work and outcome did it take longer than expected? Yes it did was my house a wreck while the work was going on yes, all of this was for warned to me before the work was ever started. I believe Cal did everything he could do to get the job done and done right, anyone should know as a business owner you hire people who tell you they can do a job and you expect them to do the job and do it right not by watching over them 24/7 if you had time to do that then why hire them in the first place. I know for a fact that Cindy has been tried to contacted by a representative of SCS Builders to discuss her issues and to get them resolved with no response from Cindy it is hard for SCS Builders to resolve any issues. Very Satisfied with work done by SCS Builders.

  • An
      12th of Jun, 2009
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    youre the only one thats satisfied with anything SCS has done rhonda!! a quick google search on them proves that!!

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