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This bunch of scammers simply collected my credit card info and charged the card for the amount of $869.97 for no reason. I ordered laptop LCD from them and my order was for $99.99. Two weeks later I tried to contact them wondering where my LCD but they did not reply emails and they had answering machine on the phone posted on-line and there is no any other way to contact them. That is so frustrating, I lost two weeks and ended up calling to my bank to cancel the transaction and replace my card.

Avoid this crooks!

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      26th of Mar, 2009
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    STAY AWAY from ScreenAid,,,,, Yall, ect...

    So ScreenAid is a fake company. These con artists operate from China. They have a prepaid cell phone and a PO Box from New York. Their billing is done though GainGame, Inc -also another false business.

    Their has listed "1234567" as their phone number and someone named XiupingChen or "Xiu ping Chen" as the owner. They bill you and don't send you anything. They prefer Google checkout because you cannot dispute transactions, unlike PayPal.

    The classic ScreenAid story is buying and item and them not shipping it. Then they don't answer your calls or emails. COMPLAIN HERE:

    But unlike most people, I don't just sit back and take a hit. ScreenAid is on eBay under the user names "ScreenAid" "gaingame-outlet" "yallstore" and " laptopz-outlet". I propose you all buy something from them for $1.50 and leave them Negative Feedback. If we all do that, they'll be banned in no time.

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      29th of Mar, 2009
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    I ordered an lcd screen from them on the weekend. On Monday I tried calling to make sure it was in stock since I can't live without my laptop. No one ever answered the phone so I used the live chat on the website. I was informed they were lost in shipping and wouldn't be in for at least 6 days. They had 4 different screens for my laptop showing online, so I inquired about the others to see if they were in stock. They told me they only had one kind. That was nice since I paid for the high res and higher priced screen. So they canceled my order and said I would have a refund in 24-48 hours. I ordered one from another site (bliss computers), but called them before placing my order to confirm it was in stock. The next day I got the one from Bliss Computers (I paid for overnight shipping). Well I got an email from screenaid on Monday (the same day they said it was lost in shipping) that my order was shipped. I tried calling and emailing several times and never a reply. Well on Friday that ?!?!! screen showed up. I had to pay for return shipping and then I had to contact them to tell them I know they receieved it back and to credit my card. After another 5 days I finally get an email approving the credit. I used google checkout, so at least they didn't have my card number. Online it showed my order was canceled, but magically it shipped. So as a summary I canceled my order since I was told it wasn't in stock. I received the screen 5 days later, had to pay for return shipping and two weeks later I have not seen the credit on my card. By Wednesday if it hasn't posted a chargeback will be filed. SO STAY AWAY FROM SCREENAID!!!

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      13th of Apr, 2009
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    Screenaid is a good seller. I am a computer businessman, I have bought many LCDs from them, though may have one or two defective, but they resolve the problem quickly and well. I have recommended it to my friends and they all used it happily and no problem. You can not say that they are cons, which will make me think that you are their opponents!!!

  • Ni
      14th of Apr, 2009
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    Dear Linda, I am the customer service representave of screenaid.You said that we charged you $869.97 for a screen of $99.99 ? We have never done that .There must be something wrong with the system or the papal account.Could you offer me the order number of yours that i can check your order ?

    If we charged you so much money, we will be responsible for this thing .Please trust us.We have never cheated our customers .

    I apologize for the mistake of the wrong shipping .In fact that i have cancelled the order for the customer, But the background of our platform didn't update the status of the order in time .Our shipper shipped out the screen by mistake .We apologize for the mistake made by us .But we had no intention to do it .Please forgive our mistake .

    We promise it will not happen again .
    "When you're good to others, you are best to yourself."
    Best regards for everyboby .

  • Ni
      14th of Apr, 2009
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    Another matter that i want to clear is that i reply emails everyday and didn't miss any email .I don't know why some of the customers didn't receive the replied email.
    It maybe related to the mail system of ours.

    I am a honest girl of 24 and graduated from normal university last year and have never lied before.

    I have no intention just want to speak out the words in my heart .
    Everyone makes mistakes in life, Screenaid is the same .
    Nobody can fly alone without others help, Screenaid is the same.

    Please trust us and we are trying our best to serve our customers better day by day .

  • Ve
      14th of Apr, 2009
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    I have also had bad experiences with "ScreenAid", "GainGame", etc.

    Ordered screens for 2 different laptops on 3/6. Received 2 screens for 1 laptop on 3/20 (supposed to be 3-5 day delivery). Neither screen worked. Contacted ScreenAid for RMA, was given $7.47 credit for return shipping (actually cost me $12.30 to send it the same way they sent it to me, USPS priority). They rec'd items on 4/9, still no refund as of 4/14.

    In the mean time, I have lost 2 customers who got tired of waiting for their laptops to be fixed because ScreenAid is too slow.

    Items are listed as coming from Brooklyn, NY, however, every person I have contacted is unable to properly speak or understand English. Emails look like they are being translated by Google (actually, I think Google does a better job). Statements like "For this, we are feel very bad, and make your mood bad" give it away.

    I am very unhappy with this company, and will do everything I can to let others know about them.

    In their words, "appreciate your understanding"

  • Fq
      27th of Apr, 2009
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    "Screenaid is a good seller. I am a computer businessman and bla bla bla..." WHO DO YOU THINK WROTE THAT? Nicole, duh! IT'S THE SAME BROKEN ENGLISH! And then she say's she's honest...

    HEY NICOLE! WRITING YOUR OWN REVIEWS IS NOT "HONEST"! You're digging your own grave here!
    (F.Y.I: That's not even her name. "She is a HE and he is from China and pretends to be American.)

    BOTTOM LINE: This company does not have a phone number or someone you can speak to. NEVER- EVER trust a company without a phone number. (Call them and ask for Nicole. There is no one there to talk to.)

  • Da
      1st of May, 2009
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    I have also had issues with screenaid, ordered a LCD screen and received it quick but it was defective left numerous e-mails and voicemails and no reply's had to finnaly file a dispute with pay pal. I almost wonder if they have some kind of technical issues because I had a friend reply to screen aid and he got an automated E-mail with a reply soon after . when i send an e-mail I don't get an automated e-mail or a reply don't know whats up but still waiting I just want an lcd sreen to fix my computer.

  • Be
      25th of May, 2009
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    Others on this posting may have had issues, but I have to say that I had a positive experience with ScreenAid. I am a computer technician (my name is Ben; not Nicole for the record) who has purchased an LCD panel for a Dell Inspiron 1521 laptop. I purchased the panel for a best offer price of $60.00, and it was a high quality Samsung panel; a lot better than the junk that originally came with the unit. You can't beat the price or quality, and it saved me money by not having to change the CCFL back light bulb which would have been time consuming. I live in Queens NY, and they got it to me via USPS Priority Mail in three days, so they are more than likely than not in Brooklyn. Even though they speak broken English, it does not mean they are not residing in the USA because I know from experience dealing with these small Asian companies in Brooklyn, Flushing and local computer fairs. Since most of the mom and pop Jewish computer shops have been closing, there are mostly only the Asian shops left. A lot of times they just run out of a small warehouse with disorganized boxes everywhere, but where else can you get parts like LCD panels, after all, most of that stuff is made in China anyway. I have to be honest that the packaging of loose brown packing paper was inadequate, but that would be my only complaint. I could see this being an issue if it was shipped a long distance.

  • Ho
      28th of May, 2009
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    I have bad experience with this fake company.

    DO NOT believe any word from "nicole", NO SUCH person, a BIG SCAMMER.

    They are all from SAME fake company, probably one person living in apartment from
    Hangfeng Wu
    7614 16th Ave Apt WYS
    Brooklyn, NY 11214-1008
    ScreenAid,,,,, Yall

    Ebay id: ScreenAid, yallstore, laptopz-outlet

    Checkout HORRIBLE reviews for this fake company

  • Ja
      13th of Jun, 2009
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    Yup if i knew then what i know now i woulda went elsewhere for my part.
    Case in point i ordered a Lcd Inverter for my laptop well i get it in 4 days which was good. I open package an see that they shipped the wrong dam inverter part Arrgghhh. I spent 1hr an 18 mins online with there So Called Live Chat Help. WHAT A JOKE THAT WAS !!! All that time just to ask me the same dumb questions about the part that i gave them the info in the first 2 mins. Then to Frost my Tail they make me take a damm picture of the wrong part next to my part to prove it Arrrgghhh. An finally after all that time they say "Oh we made a mistake an sent you the wrong part " Arrgghh what the hell did they think i was telling them in the first place.. Now we will see if they Send the Correct Part as they said they would send it out right away an to send the wrong part back when i get the Correct One..I smell a CHARGE BACK Comming and a Complaint to Ebay an Paypal for Fraud...

  • Ja
      13th of Jun, 2009
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    Here is the BS 1 hr an 18 mins chat i had with there clowns to get my Order Fixed an the correct part sent out..

    You are now chatting with Laptop Parts 1 hour an 17 mins to correct this [censored] up on there part

    eBay Member: t: RE: eBay item #************* New USA 15.4" LCD Inverter HP X1000 ZV5000 DV5000 R3000
    Laptop Parts: yes, what can i do for you ?
    eBay Member: t: I recieved the part today. But to my dismay you folks sent me the wrong part. You folks sent me a inverter for a Compaq Laptop C300, C500, X1000

    Laptop Parts: may i ask the custom label on the plastic bag?
    Laptop Parts: such as Nxxxx
    eBay Member: t: N2804
    eBay Member: t: Its not compat with the laptop i looked it up lol
    Laptop Parts: hold on as ec
    eBay Member: t: Ok
    Laptop Parts: a sec
    Laptop Parts: thats the correct item
    Laptop Parts: does it match your original inverter?
    eBay Member: t: No its not the screw holes don't line up with the original part its shorter then the part that came out of the laptop i have the original part here in my hand
    eBay Member: t: No its no even close to the original part
    Laptop Parts: may i ask your laptop's model?
    eBay Member: tazworlds: I didnt open the bag cause i could see it was the wrong part just off the numbers
    eBay Member: t: Its a HP DV5000
    Laptop Parts: do you have camera?
    eBay Member: t: Huh WTF ? Inverter Part number out of it is as follows > SPS-407800-001
    Laptop Parts: your original one?
    eBay Member: t: Yup thats what came out of the laptop as i took it out myself.
    Laptop Parts: let me check it out
    eBay Member: t: And that part number is listed the same on the listing i used to buy the part If you check it you will see that what was shipped isnt even on that page as i thought maybe there was a upgrade to it. But it comes back to a Compaq
    Laptop Parts: could you make some pictures for us ?
    eBay Member: t: Pictures of what the wrong part you sent ?
    Laptop Parts: your original one, we ours
    eBay Member: t: I dont see how thats gonna resolve the problem. It's clear its not the correct part just based on the numbers on it as well as the looks. As i said that is a Compaq Part not HP. Where does this pic go
    eBay Member: t I take it your not in Brooklyn then
    Laptop Parts: i need to know your original one and which one we shipped
    Laptop Parts: please send the photo to
    eBay Member: t: thats what i typed in here your part numbers on the part shipped an the part number on my original inverter
    Laptop Parts: we have checked, this is incompatible, but i need to know which one we sent
    Laptop Parts: i m sorry for that, but i think this an accident, please assist to us find the problem
    eBay Member: t: I cant get a clear picture of the part shipped due to that packaging is washing out the numbers on the tag
    Laptop Parts: just take the picture to us, we want to see the inverter's appearance
    Laptop Parts: not the number
    eBay Member: t: I didnt open the package is that what you need
    Laptop Parts: no problem, just open it
    eBay Member: t Ok hold on
    Laptop Parts: take your time
    eBay Member: t: Ok can i upload that to the website here thru the ticket area or just e mail
    Laptop Parts: just attached in email
    Laptop Parts: i check it for you right now if you send
    eBay Member: t: ok give me a sec
    Laptop Parts: k
    eBay Member: t: Ok its sent off now i pasted the Ebay number in subject line
    Laptop Parts: hold on a sec
    eBay Member: t: there are 4 pics an i listed My original part an also your part You can see the size difference really clear an the screw hole differences
    Laptop Parts: i see, i m checking for you
    eBay Member: t: If you dont see it Look for my Name as Sender
    Laptop Parts: i find the image
    eBay Member: t: ok
    Laptop Parts: i m asking the technician to check it out
    Laptop Parts: please keep patience
    eBay Member: t: i see
    Laptop Parts: there?
    Laptop Parts: hello?
    eBay Member: t: yes im here
    Laptop Parts: could you find a date under the N2804
    eBay Member: t: 05/08/2009
    eBay Member: t: thats the date on package under the N2804
    Laptop Parts: hold on a sec
    eBay Member: t: ok and inbetween those is the model num it goes to C300, C500, X1000 LCD Inverter
    Laptop Parts: i know
    eBay Member: t: Ok so whats the deal with this problem im having with the wrong part being shipped to me ?
    Laptop Parts: the technician said we shipped the wrong item
    Laptop Parts: how could you like to return for exchange?
    eBay Member: t: What i want is The Correct Part sent to me ASAP due to your error there I can send this part back to you folks thru USPS
    Laptop Parts: ok, i will ask our guy to ship another one to you today
    eBay Member: t: Ok how long will that take ? Will you folks send this out overnite or priority ?
    Laptop Parts: sorry, we cant send by this method, we can only send by 1st class,
    eBay Member: t: Hmmm ? And will there be a tracking number so i can track this part like i had with this one
    Laptop Parts: once we shipped, we will give you the tracking number
    Laptop Parts: please dont worry.
    eBay Member: t: Now how do i return the wrong part back to you folks ? Is it the same address thats on the package ?
    Laptop Parts: when you receive the correct one and work well
    Laptop Parts: i will give the return address to you
    eBay Member: t: Ok so when i get the correct part i should return the wrong part is that correct
    Laptop Parts: yes
    eBay Member: t: ok so is there anything else i need to do now ?
    Laptop Parts: no, just wait for the tracking number, i will email you
    eBay Member: t: Ok so were all set then
    Laptop Parts: yes sir
    eBay Member: t: ok thanks for your help an i hope to get this matter resolved as soon as i get the correct part
    Laptop Parts: me 2, have a nice night

  • Gi
      22nd of Jun, 2009
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    100% agreedment, screenaid specially likes to send wrong items and them collect 20% for a (restocking fee) THATS HOW THEY MAKE $ . If you were to collect a percent of everything thats returned to you as a seller you would be making an easy 100 to 150 daily! or more! NOW THATS WHAT I CALL THE PERFECT MONEY MAKING BUSSINESS. Plus their bussiness is not from NY as they say. They are a bunch of chinese people looking for quick bucks! They are a well hidden business scamming people. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND PASS THE WORD AROUND. WE HAVE TO BE UNITED AGAINST PEOPLE LIKE THIS WHICH MAKE ONLINE SHOPPING A DISGRACE!

  • Ma
      6th of Jul, 2009
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    I bought a WXGA lcd screen for my Hp Laptop and got the package very timely and was sooo excited. I immediatlely hook it up and it doesn't work...I have been dicked around with their e-mails saying, "we always do our best to help the customer" and ### like that when they should have been sending me an address to return this ### lcd. They have put me off for a week now and I'm filing complaints with ebay and paypal...STAY AWAY FROM SCREENAID AND BE VERY, VERY CAREFUL WHERE YOU BUY ONLINE...

  • No
      7th of Aug, 2009
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    They are all stupid immigrants over there. They made me suspicious of them by there dumb ### NO SENSE WHATSOEVER reply's to my emails, so I found this site by a negative feedback on their site!!

  • Sp
      20th of Aug, 2009
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    glad i decided to read these complaints. Ive been typing in models on their site and ive been worried that I was going to get scammed. Called the company a second ago and their was an asian lady who couldnt speak english and she was trying to help me buy a screen. I could barley hear her on the phone, so I hung up and recalled several times. No answer. ### them, i dont have time to waste. Immediately i realized that i was about to get scammed.
    Sorry that this had to happen. I'm ready to get rid of these people.

  • Pj
      14th of Oct, 2009
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    Around two months ago my Acer laptop inverter was gone and I couldn't find another one anywhere. Finally I got to the and found it there. I was a bit surprised at how they had every single component you could imagine in stock, and that's a bit suspicious, but since it was something cheap I decided to give it a try and trust them. I bought it and after 2 weeks I received it here in Brazil and it worked fine, as expected.

    So, once the first order worked, I decided I could trust them a little more and decided to order a new battery for the same laptop. A friend wanted a new battery for his macbook and offered to split the shipping costs. This was 5 weeks ago and still nothing. The tracking code they gave me never updates on the USPS site, but when a package arrives at the brazilian postal service, the tracking info appears that too, but still nothing. I sent several complaints already, but everytime they ask me to wait two more days and argue that their clients overseas often wait over a month. I buy overseas often and no package never took more than 2 weeks with international priority shipping, even whey it gets retained in customs, which is not the case since it would appear at the local tracking system.

    I'm still giving them a little credit and waiting for a serious response to my last complaint, since the first order worked fine, but if I don't get neither the package or a refund, then I will start joining other people complaining about them not only in review sites but ebay and everywhere else.

  • Ao
      15th of Oct, 2009
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  • Ao
      15th of Oct, 2009
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    I always purchase screens from this seller.although maybe some order has problems, but they solved very quickly.i have no idea why so many ppl here complain.before that, did you think by yourself?

    I dont think eBay will let a seller keep selling on their platform for long time if they did not ship items and sold fake items.everybody think about?eBay is not idiot.

  • Sp
      16th of Oct, 2009
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    shipped me an LCD in an oversized box and protected by one sheet of brown wrapping paper. I could hear the screen move in the box. Plugged it in & sure enough, screen was busted.

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