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1 Brooklyn, WA, United States
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I'll try to be transparent and true in my story.

I bought the WRONG replacement screen for my laptop. I realized I ordered the wrong one and asked for an exchange. They offered to exchange.

I noticed the part I needed was worth less than the one I bought, but since they didn't charge me for shipping the replacement to me, I considered it a wash. I paid the shipping to send them the part.

We then spent the next two months with me having a technician take pictures of my original screen so they can make sure they sent me the proper replacement. They sent it and it was still wrong! They offered a refund but I was still subject to the cost of shipping it the screen they sent me.

Still, I would never complain. They did wrong, I did wrong, we all lost on this one. I told the tech to package it up as it came and send it back. I later found out the tech sent it out later than I thought (about 1.5 months) but it did go back as it came.

Screenaid then chose to refund me only 80% of the cost because of the "time" I took to send it. Still, again, I wouldn't be complaining on this board if they emailed me, explained why they felt it was fair and we AGREED to this. However, they just did it and basically told me I should be happy with what they did. Mind you, there was never a timeline given to me as to when I should send them the WRONG PART THEY SENT ME. Their email response, "It was the right part number but sometimes it doesn't physically fit. It happens sometimes". Really? Tell me how a round peg is the right one to fit in a square hole, but it doesn't physically fit sometimes? They had multiple pictures of part #'s and the actual screen.

At the end of the day, I was HAPPY to accept the fact that I paid full price for a more expensive part than I needed, had it refunded after paying 3 shipping costs and go on my way. The fact they felt they could take me for 20% less than what I paid without asking is what really sets me off. After they screwed up, they felt 20% less was fair? They say it's because time, but the time it takes me to send them the wrong part they sent me that I had to pay to send to them should be washed by the fact they had already wasted my time with the wrong part #.

They not only don't know what they're doing, but they will rip you off. Don't ever buy anything from them.

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