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Scottsdale Healthcare Personalizing Health / Scottsdale Healthcare Personalizing Health

1 9003 E Shea Blvd.Scottsdale, AZ, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 480-323-3000

Scottsdale Healthcare Personalizing Health...Disgruntled much? After working @ Scottsdale Healthcare You Bet Disgruntled you bet ! Now let me explain where the rip off is, How would you like to be a black man and walk into your place of work and see a sign that say's KOON ### CLUB ? when you report it to supervisors, HR and MR.Tom Sadvary who claims to have an open door policy nothing is done about it or the racial slurs made by your bosses. I would say that's an absolute rip off ! Now how about the guy who was called [censored]it, queer, [censored], stupid Jew, and was tortured every day he came to work. How about the director of the department doing nothing? Think that's not a rip off ? How about the woman who was ridiculed every day and told by co-workers she couldn't do the job because she was a female? I could go on and on anyone who wants to verify all of this just call the EEOC office in Phoenix.
Here is the ultimate rip off, most of these people were forced to leave their jobs, loose their health insurance, incomes and most of all a hell of a lot of their pride ! Disgruntled you bet ! Ripped off absolutely! A lot of these people collected settlements from the EEOC others like me just decided that we would blog every time we get the chance to make potential employees, patients and others about how bad this place promotes, condones and accepts racism. I decided not to sue and even tried to settle my claim with the hospital so I would not have to defend my sexuality of being straight but being called gay, ### queer, homo. I think most of us have decided to expose this origination for what it really is. I think years and years of bloging and posting is much better than a cash settlement and will warn people about this place.

A woman was Raped Last year while a patent at the Osborn Campus, Employees failed to report the Rape to the Police and attempted to cover up the Rape. Hospital employees were charged and convicted for this crime. The Rapist in this case was never caught! Also last summer at the same campus Shots were fired after an un stable man was taunted by Scottsdale Healthcare Security Guards. He returned to the hospital and fired a shotgun injuring 1 person. These stories can be verified by news reports and Fox Phoenix TV
Know matter how you look at it Scottsdale Healthcare is a good place to stay away from. I sure would not want my mother or sister staying with these people!

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