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Scotts Puppy Palace / Truth about the Breeder

1 AR, United States Review updated:

I would like to set people straight about Scotts Puppy Palace. The people that own/run this business care about their animals and the people that the puppies will go to. I haven't known them but for about 6 months. They have always come across as being good, honest, Christian people. I received one of their puppies recently. The puppy is very healthy and happy. I took her to visit the vet and the vet said she was extremely healthy. It is better to have a fat healthy puppy than a skinny, stressed, undernourished one. Also, there isn't a person alive that can predict the exact adult size of a puppy. It is called genetics. Those that are extremely tiny as an adult will more than likely be unhealthy as adults or at the very least have health problems as they get older. I have had chihuahuas before. My chi that we lost 3 years ago weight was 7 lbs. He wasn't fat. He was healthy. If you pay for a puppy the best policy is take it to a good vet, feed it as you are suppose to, make sure you follow what the vets says as to shots, etc. When we got our puppy it was with the intention to get an important family member not how small it was. If your puppy is having stomach problems maybe you should have checked with the vet or continued to feed it the same food that the breeder recommended. In this case I truly do not believe that it was the breeder's fault. As for myself. I HIGHLY recommend that if you are interested in a Chi, Yorkie, Morkie then check out They puppies are absolutely beautiful. I also recommend that you call and talk to Scott or Frica Lipe about their puppies. They ARE nice people. I WILL continue to keep an eye on their puppies. Who knows I may fall in love with another I can't live without. The picture I am attaching, I hope you will be able to see it. It is our darling Blueberry. Gloria Lewis, Terry, MS

Scotts Puppy Palace

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  • Tu
      7th of Feb, 2012
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    You "received" one of their puppies because you won it in a drawing on their website. This review is nothing more than an advertisement for them since they gave you a free puppy.

  • Pa
      22nd of Oct, 2018
    +1 Votes

    @tubie I felt that my family's story with our interactions with Scott's Puppy Palace needed told. My husband and I purchased our baby, Eleanor (Ellie) May Helfin in 2012 (she's now six years old) for $800 dollars (not including her specialized plane ticket, as Scott wouldn't allow her to ride in cargo. Therefore she was placed in a special part of the plane with handlers) Ellie is an AKC registered, rare colored Yorkshire Terrier. She's five pounds and never has been sick a day in her life. That's in part to good breeding, loving parents and the best Vet in our TriState area. We will NEVER consider breeding our baby, as she is our literal "furchild" and for companionship only. Three years ago, we lost my US Army Specialist husband and I would've gladly died with him if it wasn't for our Ellie May. She needs me. When the time comes for her to cross Rainbow Bridge to be reunited with her father, I will NOT hesitate to purchase another Yorkshire Terrier from none other than Scott and Farica. I don't care if they charge me $10, 000 dollars, I will gladly pay it. I don't agree with 90% of breeders and I despise puppy mills but Scott and Farica isn't any of the above. They both work full time jobs (as of 2013) because if their dogs don't mate on their own, then they don't have puppies for sale. They don't use rape stands nor any type of insemination. This is all natural. Why? For the love of the breeds that they keep alive. I'm truly sorry from the bottom of my heart if something happened to your baby or if u ended up getting a sick puppy. I know that Scott repeatedly told me that if there was ANYTHING wrong with our puppy at anytime, that they would make it right. Again, we never had a problem with ours so I can't vouch for that. I do know that they kept their word with us and we got exactly what we wanted plus more. Best wishes to all and many blessings.
    *Thank you, Scott and Farica. U guys gave my husband and I the best gift in our relationship and that gift is still giving to me today! I truly wouldn't know what to do without my Ellie May. I'd be lost!

  • Gw
      8th of Feb, 2012
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    Yes I won a puppy. I am proud to have one of their puppies. No this isn't an advertisement. Winning this puppy ment a great deal to me. I have a problem with depression and other health issues. We had just lost our last puppy to an unexpected health related issue. (Surgery gone bad) On Jan 22 two years ago we lost our chihuahua puppy age 13 years. My husband and I have been having trouble moving one from both of these. Getting this puppy was a blessing to us.This is my idea to write about this. Believe this or not..I had been surfing the net looking for a new puppy. If they have another puppy that I fall in love with I am comfident that the next puppy will be just as healthy as the one I got last Saturday. The most stressful part for me was getting the puppy in my hands. All I want to say is this, If you have problems with a dog or puppy then go to the breeder and pick it up on your own. This breeder is the only one that I have found that gives others a chance to have a puppy for free. Scotts Puppy Palace doesn't have to give anything away. Yet they do. The only reason that I used the puppy from their website was it was easier for me to show my puppy. I didn't mean it any other way. She does look just like her picture and is a bundle of joy.

  • Gw
      9th of Feb, 2012
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    Let me state this again: NO ONE, I said no one made me write this. This is not intended as a solicitation for any business. I could not find any puppies locally that I wanted. You are so right stating about the breeders that show their dogs. The thing is not all people care to purchase a dog to show. Some want good looking dogs as nothing more than family members. Also those breeders expect much, much more for their puppies. ($2K, $3K, to $10K) There are many people that have dogs that they sell over the net. Some consider themselves small home breeders others don't. I am truly sorry for those that, for whatever reason, lost their pups. Bad things happen. In life all things are uncertain. I would be upset also if it was me. I was more concerned, after reading their statements, about the puppy being flown in. I consider myself a Christian. I also teach in a Christian school and I try my best to be a witness to others. I see nothing wrong in encouraging others to find or renew their faith. So giving puppies away in the way they do, to me is good. I would much rather give something I care about to someone with Christian values than not. It makes me think that they will value it in the faith that it was given. I guess it depends of who you are, what you want, and what you believe.

  • Th
      11th of Mar, 2012
    +1 Votes

    First off let me say, My wife and I just purchased 2 Yorkies. (One for her and one for my Mom) and let me say this, Scotts Puppy Palace has exceeded all of our expectations on all levels. Both of our dogs are happy and healthy and we paid for them both. They look just like their pictures. Scott and Frica have been in contact with us every step of the way. DON'T BELIEVE THESE OTHER BREEDERS. The fact that they have a drawing for the dogs that are nearly adults instead of them euthanizing them like all you other breeders on here, shows they love all their dogs. If you don't believe me, search my Facebook, as I will be posting pics of our beautiful and healthy dogs.

    Find my face book by searching my name.
    Mathew Hafner

  • To
      13th of Jun, 2012
    -1 Votes

    I just received my Morkie from Farica and Scott @ Scott's puppy palace and let me just pot my 2 cents in here. I was sent pictures, texts, and emails as my puppy grew, like I was there watching him. In arrived by plane in GREAT HEALTH. I am sorry for those that didn't receive the same but I need to give credit where credit is due, I love SCOTTS PUPPY PALACE AND WOULD RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE

  • Ph
      21st of Aug, 2012
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    gwlewis and mathew Hafner and Tonya Britt, you are just a couple of fools that were lucky enough to get halfway good dogs. Scotts Puppy Palace is NOT a breeder. They buy their pups from anywhere and everywhere. Is it legal to be running a pet store out of your HOME? Why haven't the authorities looked into this? Why have these terrible people been allowed to continue their scam this long? WHERE ARE THE AUTHORITIES??? These people need to be raided and shut down immediately! And the income tax man should be checking them out too!


  • Ti
      12th of Sep, 2012
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    I have purchased 4 dogs from scott and frica 2 of them we have the others were bought for friend and neices nephew all 4 of them were healthy cute and adorable yes some were suppose to be a little smaller than they ended up but you know what dont care still love them even if they got a few pounds bigger than they were suppose and to the person who keeps saying all this bad stuff and say the authorities should be over there if their business was not real they would be shut down so obviously they are legit and you are prob somone from their comp bad mouthing them see I own a business and know all the ins and outs people do and that is one of them bad mouth the competition and try to eliminate them its an awful thing to do to people cause so not true for these people they were very helpful called all the time to check up on the dogs to see how they were and kept in touch even before i bought them and had them delivered I still send them pics for progress on the dogs they even put pics of my daughter and her dog on website threy care very much about their dogs and their customers well after the dogs are bought and they remember their customers as well these are two very caring people and have a great business and its legit!!! I wouldnt trade my dogs or where I bought them for anything I strongly recommend Scotts Puppy Palace

  • Mo
      18th of Apr, 2013
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    The adult size is supposed to be "4-5ib" THE PUPPY WAS ALMOST 4 IB AT 2 MONTHS !!!

  • Ad
      1st of Nov, 2013
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    I bought my puppy from Scott's Puppy Palace almost 5 years, and he is the smartest, healthiest puppy I could ask for. Scott and Farica were fabulous to work with. It was obvious when I received my puppy they had been working with him because he didn't have any accidents in the house from the day we got him (he was almost 9 weeks old). The vet fell in love with him as soon as he made his first visit. He has been perfectly healthy from the day I got him. They claimed he would weigh about 8 - 10lbs fully grown, and he is right at 10lbs at 5 years old. I would highly recommend them, and if I ever get another dog (even though I don't think there will ever be another dog like my Rico), I will definitely purchase one from them!

  • Ri
      27th of May, 2015
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    I purchased a puppy in December 2014. I paid all the money... yet I have no puppy and now all the numbers I have and email addresses I have no longer work... SO good Christian people? They stole my money... That is not good Christian people. If they are as you say the will provide me with a puppy since they have $1400 of my money, or they will provide me a FULL refund. I see them right now as crooks... only they can change that view point.

  • Mo
      17th of Aug, 2015
    0 Votes

    They are liars and thieves. They owe me $1088 for the puppy I purchased and they never sent. Do not mess with these people. They need to be in jail.

  • Ju
      17th of Jan, 2016
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    I feel sorry for those who didnt have good experiences... I bought mine over 6 years ago... and had excellent service from Scott... my little morkie is a blessing! I wouldnt trade her for anything!

    Just like any product... some people have compliments and some want to complain... sorry for those who had bad experiences... but for me, it was awesome...

    I just came accross this page while I was surfing... and so this is all me...

    God bless

  • Wh
      22nd of Sep, 2018
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    We also purchased a morkie from Scott back in 2011 and couldn't be more satisfied with the health quality of the pet and the level of customer service. It's too bad folks had a negative experience, as I would have absolutely no reservations in buying another from the, .

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