Scott Yancey / 3 day Seminar

1 Utah, United States

I attend a free 1 day seminar w/a friend that invited me in Pasadena, CA. on 1/17/2015 We waited until the end to sign up and paid but then after the dates did not work for us. The funny part is that I paid with my card and they only have my friend information so she would be the one trying calling most of the times trying to get a refund, I called several times but as of today no refund. I finally got a name from someone in their quality control department Jason Cox, who sent me an email

"I understand you contacted us recently regarding your real estate workshop program that you and Susan Ortega enrolled in. I just left you a message and wanted to send a quick email too in case this is easier to connect. It appears that you still have not been able to attend a workshop and may have inquired about a refund. We would not be able to issue a refund at this point since the refund period did expire a while ago. I can authorize to waive the outstanding balance and have you and your guest attend for what you have paid. It looks like we do have a workshop scheduled to start August 5th in the Universal City area; one in San Diego starting August 12th; and one tentatively scheduled for the Burbank area toward the end of Sept. We’d be happy to have you at one of these if you can make it. Please let me know."

I spoke with him and he said a refund is a not an option the refund period is 3 days. This is a bunch of bs. What kind of company is this?

They are just in it for the money.

Seeking legal actions now. If anyone wants to jump on the band wagon that has a similar problem, please let me know.

Jul 27, 2016

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