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We hired Mr Walker to represent us in a child custody case. We stressed the fact that court papers would need to be filed quickly as the defendants were moving out of state with the children. Mr Walker claimed that he had filed the court papers on several occasions over the next couple of weeks but could not provide copies. Finally after three weeks Mr Walker admitted that he had been too busy to file the papers. When he finally did file the court papers they did not accomplish what we had ask him to do, so we fired Mr Walker and hired a new attorney whom was able to file the correct papers quickly.
We fired Mr Walker over six weeks ago and after numerous requests we still have not received a billing statement or partial refund of the $3000 retainer he demanded before he would take on our case.
USE CAUTION if you are considering hiring Mr Walker!


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      Sep 10, 2014

    It may be worth noting that this complainer never was my client, that his girl fiend hired me, and I refunded the unused portion of the retainer when it became clear that he was trying to run the case and was not willing to let her follow the advice she was paying for.. It is also worth noting that this occurred in 2009. I find it irritating that the complainer didn't have the courage or courtesy to sign or give his name.

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