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Scott eVest / CEO flaming

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So I made the mistake of buying a pair of pants from Scott eVest. Hey, they're marketed towards the tech community, so I figured, awesome CEO right? Wrong. I bought a pair of pants that developed a 8" long tear after 3 wears, so I sent the pants in and they blamed it on wear. I tried again:

Please let me know what happened with your SeV. We can replace or repair it.
So I did:

The problem is that I did send a pair of the ultimate cargo pants that basically fell apart in less than a handful of wears back to SeV and they were ruled as due to wear. The problem that I have with that is that I have pants from The North Face, Patagonia, and others that have survived 10x the abuse with less wear. Hell, even the cargo pants I bought from the Old Navy outlet as factory seconds have survived more.

I travel extensively - it's my hobby. And since it's out of my own pocket, I buy good products that last a while and love to have long relationships with companies. The first wear of my ultimate cargo pants was on a trip to Hong Kong - simple enough - my house in Chicago to the hotel in Hong Kong. The seat of the pants was practically see through because of the wear just from getting to the hotel. So those pants got put in the suitcase after they were handwashed and hung dry because I didn't want to have them tear on me. They sat in the closet until I went and did the Trans-Siberian Railway. I put the Ultimate Cargo Pants to wear on the train. Pretty strenuous activity: napping, reading, and drinking vodka. Again, after a day of wearing the pants, they looked like if I breathed hard they'd tear. Third time was on a walk around Seattle. Pretty simple - walk from the Needle to the REI flagship store. Well, on the walk to the store, I got a 8" long tear in the pants. Awesome. Luckily, I bought a pair of the REI pants at the store so I didn't have to head back to the hotel looking like a fool with torn pants and possibly have underwear (or worse) exposure.

And it wasn't just the pants. I got a SeV polo to wear while in Hong Kong - it worked, but started to develop massive fuzz on the front after a day's use (all my polyester/travel stuff is handwashed at home and hung dry) and had this weird line through it like you pulled a vertical strand out of it. Same with the pullovers. Two wears of the pullovers in Russia led me to go back to my old North Face pullovers since they don't have the problem of the front fuzzing.

Let's face it - your products are cool. However, if they can't handle normal abuse, then they're no good to me or anyone else. That's disappointing because I think your travel shorts/pants would be a good addition to my travel wardrobe - but it's not a financial risk I want to take.

He sends a video response, blaming me. Awesome.

Linen is pretty flimsy as a material. However, I've got a trusty pair of linen pants that's had untold number of wearings and it's just fine. It's not a tear or negligence - it's fatigue of the material. I understand it's clothing and things happen, but there's a difference between normal wear and failure.

I'm afraid that I really have no other choice but to give away the clothes and make sure that my reviews on Amazon and elsewhere adequately reflect the profound disappointment I have with Scott eVest.


You do have a choice, but if you see the overwhelming positive reviews yours will be the sole negative opinion which you are entitled to.
So I sent out a twitter message, basically saying that hey, I'm unhappy with his product as my given right. Scott responds with this beautiful coup de grace was a follow up twitter flame:
@whereishawkins Nick you can see from google search or indep reviews on our site u r very lonely

I responded back that it's very unbecoming a CEO, and well, I got this:
@whereishawkins ceo's r people too. I speak the truth. Bye!!!
So great. Not only does their CEO not give a care about customer service, but he also acts like a 12 year old girl. Keep up the good work.

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  • Ka
      1st of Jan, 2010
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    If you noticed a problem after the first time wearing them ("The seat of the pants was practically see through because of the wear just from getting to the hotel") you should have returned them at that point.

    You see, there's something that just doesn't click with what you're saying. You indicate they were almost worn through? yet you chose to wear them on an extended trip to a fairly remote area of the world? and then later they somehow get an 8" tear (in linen, one of the toughest natural fibers there is) just walking down the street in Seattle? There would have to be more to the story than what you're telling.

    Here's the rub dude, someone with common sense would pack GOOD GEAR on a trip to Central Asia. If yours were compromised, as you indicate, you displayed poor judgment in not returning them at that point. The story you tell lacks the "ring of truth".

    I really have no basis for rendering a judgment other than the vibe I pick up from your words and my B.S. detector goes off when reading your rant. This is simply an opinion based on what I hear you saying. Something doesn't add up.

    I say kudos to the CEO for standing up to a B.S. complaint.

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