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We bought three ATV's from Scooter Depot before Christmas. When the scooters arrived one of the ATV's had no fuel filter, one of the others was used (all the stickers had already been put on), and on the other one the kill switch wouldn't work. When we notified Scooter Depot nobody would help us. At first no one would even email us back. We finally got someone on the phone and they said there was nothing they could do. On our first trip out on the ATV's two of the three chains broke (the master links fell off) and the back shock broke after normal riding. I would advise everyone to not purchase this product save your money and buy the better quality and better known ATV's...


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D  29th of Feb, 2008 by 
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We purchased 3 quads from Scooter depot and they were great, although had a little bit of problems in the beginning, but I previously owned 2 hondas and they had similar problems but I paid about 3 times more then what I paid for at scooter depot. Had some problems with the battery but they shipped it out right away. so in response to your statement, I do believe scooterdepot.us take care of their customers....
N  16th of Mar, 2008 by 
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i just purchased a mii 200 cc custom chopper from scooter depot. is there anybody out there that has done the same? if so was it what you expectid it to look and perform like.
D  24th of Mar, 2008 by 
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I just purchased a 150cc scooter, Item: MC_X1507, (AKA: Xingyue, Turbo charged XY150T, 7). The item was superb, only the mirrors, which were obviously broken at the factory due to the bubble wrap in tact, and the box being uncrushed, was a problem. The box it shipped in, was a standard cheap frame cage, with cheap cardboard over it.

The item inside only had one structural issue, also seems to be done at the factory, because they seem to have drilled holes to mount this slightly bent metal bracket. (Small whack from a hammer, and it is possibly better then factory specs now.)

None of these "Issues", have anything to do with the distributor. The issues are with packagers, and the shippers. (Sorry, that item was not USED, just because it had stickers. The package would wreak of gasoline, and would possibly have blown-up in transit. There are levels of assembly, even in the same models. Some have more done to them, others do not. You got lucky, and got one partially assembled.)

As for the company, they have always handled my calls, and my oddball questions. You should NOT be buying from them, if you are not a mechanic, or have one that can assemble and test the vehicle you purchase. If you try to save a couple bucks, and build it yourself, you are at fault, unless you are a certified mechanic. It says that in EVERY checklist and instruction manual, and on the sites. You saved over 50% by buying direct from the distributor, so you could spend what? $25.00 an hour, for one hour of a mechanics time, to overlook and test and assemble the two parts that needed to be assembled.

I am completely happy with my purchase. They have been compliant on my issues, understanding, and have operated within the rights of the contract. BTW, what was the weight-limit of those scooters? Next time don't try to overload, or race through hills on a $300.00 toy, and call that normal. (Look up the price for a barbie car, tell me how well that would have lasted, if you drove it the same way. You didn't buy a $3, 000.00 race quad, you bought a barbie car with bigger wheels.)
N  3rd of Apr, 2008 by 
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I place an order with Scooterdepot.us Saturday 29 day of April, after placing the order I immediately received and email from Sunny Sports and a phone call from Alan. I confirmed my order then decided to google Sunny Sports and read all the complaints on Topix.com. I got very concerned living in Vermont that I did not want to recieve a damaged scooter or one that would not run or missing parts, so I immediately emailed Alan that I wanted to cancel my order. Alan wrote back on Monday March 31, 2008 and gave me a toll free number and was told to speak with Alan. I called Alan and told him my concern and I wanted to cancel my order and receive a full refund. Because the order had not been shipped or awaiting shippment and that I had informed them by email within 24 hours Alan agreed to cancel my order. I received a full refund to my credit card on April 2nd.

I was surprised that I recieved such good customer service based upon everything I read. I hope I did not make a mistake in canceling the order but based on everything I had read I did not want to make the mistake of others
N  3rd of Apr, 2008 by 
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Correction to my earlier email. The man that called and confirmed my order was Albert Garcia, and he was the original person I emailed correspondence with. Alan, was with Customer Service and had the authority to refund my money.
N  26th of Apr, 2008 by 
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I purchased a kids 70cc dirt bike and a 110cc atv camo for kids before Christmas. The atv i received was a 90cc not a 110 and was ridden for 3 weeks before the front wheel hub bearing tore in pieces. Got onother one under warranty.After that the events unfolds one after one.The next thing is the battery $ 39.95 which i bought locally. a week later the muffler is separated by the tail pipe and is very noisy, and at the same time the back light stopped working.Called them and waited forever for fausto that apparently is so busy in the warehouse or out to lunch, but got my parts after onother three weeks.this is now only the end of january 08.
February the steering stem separated at the welding point. Got it apart and took to the shop for welding, $20.00. than the frame broke in the rear and here we arer again my kid has ridden this atv for only maybe 6 weeks and is now the end of march. Called them and ever since it has been a back and forth.
They do not come to the Phone they don't return phone calls or e mail, and that ### of lance, fausto, and amy Barnes and whomever else you want to add are not responding and are not commited to sending me a new frame even with a 1 year warranty on the same. They are so unprofessional, they dwell on unfair practices, and they should not definetely not being in business. I would like to ask them what do you want me to tell to an 8 year old about why the frame is not here yet? But than again i think to my self ... why? they do not care and they will not asnwer any way. Go ahead you thief take the money and run.
N  26th of Apr, 2008 by 
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This company suck. Please do not buy anything at scooter depot or sunny sports, they promise but once they got your money, you are stuck. Parts are not available and the customer care from lance or fausto is absolutely terrible. Listen to me save your money and buy something better locally or elsewhereyoul find out that even if the cost is higher at least you have service and parts and for sure a happy kid or adult.


Disapponted ex customer.
N  17th of May, 2008 by 
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hi guys im looking to buy a scooter so where wouldbe the best place to d so, and if so what are the best brands.

thank you
A  27th of May, 2008 by 
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i have just been looking on the dirtbikes that they have at scooterdepot.us they look very good and clean but from what i read my concern is that i would recieve a damaged bike that i would regret.
plz email if you have any other stores that i can trust and that are cheap
A  17th of Jun, 2008 by 
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I purchased the mc_L21B on 31 May 2008 (a Saturday). I called Monday 02 June 2008 to follow up on my order in regards to shipping because they were quick to take the money but slow in regards to satisfying the customer in my opinion. When I spoke to the salesman Anthony on Monday he informed me he sold me the scooter on Saturday but it was out of stock.

I was shocked because I paid them up from over $1200.00 the unit was not in stock, I got no phone call and if I wouldn't have called who knows what would have happened.

I then picked a scooter that was actually $100.00 cheaper and was told it was to be in the mail on Wednesday 04 June 2008. I called Friday 06 June 2008 once again to follow up on the order, I was informed it was not sent yet, then I was very angry and on the verge of cancelling everything, but I was waiting this long I might as well ride the storm out.

Finally, Monday 09 June 2008 I got a hold of a Manager, she said it was to be shipped Monday 09 June 2008 and it was, I received the unit 14 June 2008. When I opened the box it was in pretty good shape, some scratches, but I can deal with that. The battery and mirrors were located in the locked compartment below the seat, the ignition feature to unlock that was not connected, so I had to take the front panel off and manually with a screw driver release the locking mechanism to open the compartment. I then had to cut the fastening bar with bolt cutters so I could get in and out of the compartment.

I then got everything in riding position went to start the scooter and it would not start. Luckily a friend of mine is a certified mechanic, he came to the house and checked things out. Come to find out the fuel lines were crossed and we had to connect them correctly, Now it does ride well, but all the hassle I feel is not worth the drama. I am still waiting on the title, it should be here anyday, the morale of the story is ScooterDepot.Us is a site for a person with great patientance do deal with the immature and nonbusiness like sales associates who can barely speak the english language. Anyone who persues the website...May the Force Be with Y0u!
A  17th of Jun, 2008 by 
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It might cost you 5 to 6 more hundred bucks, BUT BUY YOUR SCOOTER LOCAL!!! Buying something when you have to call daily to follow up on something you already PAID FOR is Bull ###. I should have known better, I thought all my lessons were learned in life, I guess not.
N  17th of Jun, 2008 by 
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We ordered a BMS 150 ATV from these a-holes. They are in Irvine, and I'm in Weed CA which even at the slowest shipping possible, 2 days. We ordered it and confirmed it with plenty of time to get it a week before a trip out to the Oregon Dunes. The end of the week we called and couldn't get a hold of anyone that could tell us why we had not received the quad. That Sunday (8 days after confirmation and 6 days after they charged my card), we got a hold of someone who said they have to special order them, and that it was there, boxed and ready and would be on the truck Monday. Also that she would call to confirm. Monday came, no call - we called, and got the run around for hours (several calls, several times asked for return calls). Tuesday more calls, the person who handles that isn't, there, etc.. Wednesday more calls. We NEVER received a message from them during this time, only run around. So no quad for the dune trip. At one point we even got a hole of a salesman who said many were there and ready to ship. Wednesday cancled the order and demanded a refund by the next hour. They said that by end of day they would have it done. Its now a week later, no quad, no refund.

We complained to our bank and disputed the charge this week and so now - 19 days after the order, and about 9 days after the cancellation - we got a call stating that they wanted to mail us the refund.

These guys are shysters and DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. They have several complains on all of their companies (there are several). They have an F rating with the better business bureau. You can not get a worse rating.

Also on the billing up front etc.. They charged me 8.25% sales tax without title. In CA, I would most likely be charged again for registration. Also, my county is not 8.25 but 7.25 so they are just dipping into that extra amount. My recomendation is to buy something used that is a 'real' quad (kawasaki, yamaha, honda), but if you absolutely can't find one affordable, get a local sales outlet that can service the cheapys. My buddy bought a BMS 150 and a TANK 200 and a couple others, but got them from a local dealer with a local mechanic. He's had them back often, but they take care of him.

I own 3 Kawasaki's, and an Eton and I've never had issues with any of them. So pay the extra and get something with a better rating (Etons are very highly rated and of course Kawasaki's are great). But DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH SCOOTER DEPOT/SUNNY MOTORS, ETC...

Good Luck!
D  19th of Jun, 2008 by 
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why doesn't anyone report them to the better business bureau online???
N  20th of Jun, 2008 by 
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One week after receiving my scooter and still no title or paperwork. When you try to call anyone in that juvenile run organization you are immediately put on hold no questions asked, then 10 minutes later the phone is disconnected. That company has got to be run out of Mexico, that is who it sounds like your talking to when ever you do get SOMEBODY ON THE PHONE. What baffles me is that I was referred to Scooter Depot.Us (aka SHYSTERS.COM) by an established consumer website. I am just waiting to get my title then it is a closed chapter, I will still continue to preach to the world...DO NOT WASTER YOUR MONEY, TIME OR PATIENTANCE DEALING WITH SCOOTER DEPOT.US, they will eventually BE SHUT DOWN, believe me...
N  21st of Jun, 2008 by 
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Just want to thank everyone who takes time to write about the service from scooterdepot. I was seriously going to buy from them, and had done several hrs. of research. Had my scooter picked out, and then I ran across this site. You all have probably saved me from much frustration and perhaps some $$$ as well. Anyway, thank you all...Trishadb33c
A  5th of Jul, 2008 by 
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Oh my god, the company scooterdepot.us is a SCAM operation!!! These people are the rudest and offensive i've ever had to deal with (JENNIFER in sales). She will yell at you in broken English after taking down your credit card info. Then it's too late to even cancel. She refused to give an order number AFTER taking your credit card number, she said, "If you don't trust us, don't buy!" but by this time it's too late - they have your money!!! And then when you call to cancel, they claim they can't find your account to cancel if you don't have an order number. They will call you when they ship it. What?!?!

This operation should be shut down and Jennifer should be locked up!

Somebody report these people!!!
N  18th of Jul, 2008 by 
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I finally received my title after a month of having my scooter, ###, I know. What is so funny is that the dumb ###s sent me a scooter that was two hundred more dollars then the one I actually purchased, which is what should have happened since I dealt with sooo much bull ### along the way. Once again don't buy from these people unless you like phone tag and you can speak five languages and love dealing with unproffesionalism. Good luck to all...
A  21st of Jul, 2008 by 
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Bar none THE WORST COMPANY EVER to do business with. I am better off dealing with ENRON than scooter depot. NEVER EVER SPAND YOUR MONEY WITH SCOOTER DEPOT!!! COMPLAIN TO sunl motor sports about scooterdepot call them at 972 243 4555 ask for Brad he is their distributor representative.
N  22nd of Jul, 2008 by 
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i ordered a scooter on jun 10, the order take a mouth to get to me.after another week i still have no paper work to get a tag i have called no answer i have e-mailed no answer, i have faxed, no answer i feel like i have bought something i can not get paper work for now that they have my money scooterdepot can care less about you.
A  7th of Aug, 2008 by 
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I had ordered my scooter on june 8. Just like everyone else it was out of stock . It was july18 before I recieved it. The brake lights in the back are not working properly. I also had to wait 2 weeks for my title. I have been trying to reach someone at their tech. support also with no luck. I am not happy with the service I have recieved. I have had several people that I work with thinking about getting one I will give this company a very bad reveiw

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