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Scooter Store Tss450 / Unsafe

1 Bend, United States

My disabled father-in-law got the chair TSS450 and it is simply unsafe.
incredibly unstable front to back.
If you release the joystick the chair violently tips forward until it hits the front "anti-tip" wheels hit and the foot board drags the ground at slopes less than 6 degrees (especially on wheelchair ramps sidewalks, footpaths and driveways) causing the chair to be unsteerable.
While the "anti-tip" wheels are in contact with the ground either going down a slight hill, wheelchair ramp even ada access points on sidewalks the anti- tip wheels prohibit the chair from turning and tips the rider very far forward until the seatbelt catches the rider.
going up his driveway, ada access points on sidewalks and wheelchair ramps it slams into emergency break mode or something nearly throwing him from the chair or the chair cuts power and even happend to him while crossing the street in the middle of busy intersection.
often it will not go forwards up inclines of 3 degrees or more but will go up in reverse with the "anti-tip" wheels on the ground and the front foot rigging dragging (it causes users to lean dangerously forward) and is un steerable unless someone is holding the back of the chair down.
the controller turns itself back on randomly and as far as i can tell no readily available master shut off that the user can reach when the controller malfunctions--a unstable rider transferring from this chair can easily accidently turn the chair back on inturn knocking down the transferring rider
in grass like at the park, crossing intersections even going down the sidewalk the chair randomly cuts power to snails pace making it impossible to use until it is turned off and turned back on and even that don't always work and if he were alone it would leave him totally stranded

this all happens with a fully charged battery and the seatbelt in use...
it is a very dangerous product and would not get one for anyone i love and hold dear.
we have since got him a much safer functional and useable chair from a trustworthy company
buyer beware

The Scooter Store TSS450

May 6, 2015

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