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Scooter Nitro / Mochoman 260 / Came in all bang and scratched up

402 W. Mt. Vernon St #204Nixa MO 65714, MT, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 800-254-2816
I got a Mochoman 250 and I'll kiss anyone's butt that can make this thing go 85 MPH... It says Seypros 250 on it... It vibrates so bad at 50 I don't dare try to hit 55, plus I don't think it has the power to do 55 unless I was going down hill... It's Redlined at 60...It came in Banged up, scraped up, No windshield, trunk busted... Parts are coming from CHINA have to wait?? and just a SORRY for the inconvenience!!!

Who is going to balance the wheels??? Who is going to provide the warranty service??? I'm not a mechanic and I have to replace the bad parts... I wish I had not purchased this product...


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  15th of Sep, 2008
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My Machoman 260 tops out at 72 and is unstable at that speed. The bike arrived with the trunk scaped severly. The battery kept dying till I put a disconnect on the hot lead or when the scooter was idle. I submitted a complaint about the trunk; They wanted pictures and I sent them then they asked for the bike vin and I provided that and they said it would come in 2 months and its been 4 and I'm still waiting. Also 5 weeks after I got the bike the stater died. I ordered a new one that was supposed to take 2-3 weeks. I'm in week 6 and still waiting. I discourage anyone from doing business with scooot nitre.
  18th of Sep, 2008
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Scooter Nitro / Mochoman 260
I discourage anyone from doing business with scooter nitro or buying china scooters. came scraped uphardly runs. can work on it my self found bad elct. choke, fuel pump, radio that does not work. they said no problem we will order parts and i would get them in two weeks. that was 2 months ago. will not send me a copy of the 36 m warrentary. recalled them and was told sorry but the parts are coming from china. which i was not told when i purchased it.
  26th of Sep, 2008
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I have left many comments here . An I certainly agree with all .
As I was going threw the blogs, an am cussing my self for nor logging down, there is a place that mfg a big bore kit for it, an they show it going 80 mph.
For as you stated, an I have stated long ago, to get 80 out of, throw it over the great wall .
For wheel balancing as you have stated, first make sure there wheel is truely round. Next to balance it, I added that slime to the tires an it helped some, I put a half bottle in each .
But if you look at other dealers, that handle the same machine, read there warranties. it scares me also . yet some sell it for a lot less than nitro does.

I also agree that a warranty, should be, if the blasted thing does not operate, an 20 miles down the road, it is trashed out. then they say, we will furnish the parts, you pay for the labor, one says you pay for deliver back to our place . Yet is it there when you get there .

I still say we all should start a class action suit against them, an make them purchase them back. No. 1 I still say they are the most unsafe piece of junk out on the road.

You better have plenty of experience on a m/c before trying this. Do not relax for, you never know when you got to stop, will it. I will repeat to and adult, do not put your child on this, or your wife, for it will be one heart beat away from disater. May even happen on your door step . First place there is no netural . Second that side stand is a no no, it will fold up with a little breze if on level. Never start it unless you are in the seat. I repeat never start it unless you are in the seat. For any party that does not understand this ____ it wil run away at the slitest touch of the throttle .

Buyer Beware.

An you are so right about parts, ordered parts July 8th. none yet as of this date sept. 26.

Yet if any one comes across that up grade kit let me know. Thank you .
  1st of Oct, 2008
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i agree with all articles. mine came banged up as well. the manual is definitely no help. the last time i tried to go on their email -it said underconstruction. when i tried to call - the line is not available. i trusted the advertisement and regret the deceptive practice. there is a law for his kind of business practice. i am will to help organize a commitee to bring these people to court both internationally and nationally. i feel that all 250 cc scooters under this brand and similiar needs serious scrutiny and inspection. especially for safety. i am very seriously wanting to partner up with everyone whom has experience this un-ethical and dishonest business practice. my home number is 404-685-9348. my email is in this header. take care.
  8th of Oct, 2008
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We're having such a bad experience with the company we purchase the bike from and Roketa. We purchased our Machoman 260 scooter back in July 2008 and have had problems trying to register our scooter. According to DMV the vin # is not in compliance, it is missing a 565 or 566 safety clearance. Called the dealer and was told they were working on it back in August and have not gotten any response. We were then told to contact Roketa directly, I was working someone there and was told that they faxed the necessary information to get it corrected, this was over a month ago. Tried following up again and no one is answering the phones or returning our emails from the company that we purchased the scooter. Then called Roketa and was treated very rude, they kept saying that they had nothing to do with compliance and would not help us, tried explaining to the so called manager that the company we purchased the scooter from told us to contact them directly and that we were working with someone previously, get this was told not to contact them anymore and was hung up on. Called back again and was hung up on again. I just don't get how they can sell scooters in the US and feel they don't have anything to do with safety compliance regulations. I could not believe how rude they were and had no customer service. Spoke to DMV again and was told that some of the Roketa's do have vin's that can pass and be registered, I guess we not lucky and got the one that can't be registered until a compliance letter is received. As for the company we purchased the scooter from they still have not responded back to our numerous emails or messages. Can't believe that we are having so much problems, I even checked to make sure that scooters were legal in the state I live in and was able to get insurance coverage on it before even purchasing the scooter. Well right now my scooter has just been sitting in my garage for the last 2 months going on three with insurance coverage but can't go anywhere "legally", cause I can't register it. Not street legal as was stated in description or by sales person!
  20th of Oct, 2008
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I bought the Macho man 250 and I have had noting but problems with it at 300 miles it began stalling at all stop lights and I paid $300.00 to get it fixed and a month later I had to replace the carburettor and the flue pump and another $300.00 in labour plus $345.00 in parts. I have tried to contact scooter nitro and the website is down and they are not returning my calls. I am in the process in filing a small claims court law suit. I have also requested parts and two months later I am still waiting for the parts and no response from the company. Do not do business with them they are not honest. I cannot get the scooter to go faster than 65 MPH and it is rated to go 85 MPH yeah right! Please do not do business with them...
  13th of Nov, 2008
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Nov.12th was to Attorney Generals, gave me a form to fill out.

I am trying to get all papers together, proof of payment, copy of C of O. Freight Shipper, Copy's of contacts. An list of problems, an order dates for parts.

I noticed on C of O, that has and address of Wichita, Ks. Therefore it may all be helpfull in finding who, or where these people vanished too after the seat started getting hot.

Now there is way too many out here, riding the same waves. Ripped off Big time. Especially when you can not get parts for this piece of ____.

Have a good day .

Keep in touch . Red Rock Bob.
  20th of Nov, 2008
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Been over a week an no response from the Attorney Generals office.

Soon as I do I wil post, what they had to comment on .

Mean time I have been banging my head against the wall, how to make shift a different carb . for it.

Have a good day, an Patients . Which we are all running out of.
  26th of Nov, 2008
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Scooter nitro's new website is called "scooterboom" and thier new phone number is 1-800-276-1180 GIVE THEM HELL!
  26th of Nov, 2008
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dude i got such a huge ### ...you should see it
  9th of Dec, 2008
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I also have the same Issue, I purchased a "Macho man 260" with awesome specifications:

Machoman 260: Max Load-610lbs

But unfortunately actually received what appears to be a Macho man 250:

MC-54-250B: Max Load-385.8 lbs
Top Speed-68.3

I have contacted Via to try and get my money back, I have heard rumors that scooternitro.com is starting up under another name. I feel it is our obligation to seek legal action against this company for selling fraud scooters and fake warranties. If anyone has another idea besides just writing someone I will definitely be involved. If you purchased your scooter on a credit card you should contact their fraud bureau, many people have received their money back.
  22nd of Sep, 2009
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I wish I had found this thread before I bought my Machoman 260 a little over a year ago. I have experienced every complaint mentioned previously. Mine has not run at all since Feb. of this year. I just got it back from a local service department, who after 3 weeks of working on it just threw up their hands and said come and get it. I would like to know if there has been any action toward a class action suit?

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