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Scooter Nitro / Bad experience

1 United States Review updated:

We ordered the Nitro Twister Scooter and the Vintage 150 from Scooter Nitro. They said free delivery and it would be 8-14 days. Today is business day 18 and no sign of the scooter. Almost immediately after ordering, they said there would be a delay. On business day 18, I got tracking info for ONLY 1 scooter. They said they were promised the other by the end of the week. So far, just stalling or inaccurate information. We BOTH work in the trucking industry so we checked the information they gave us and USF Holland said they were lying.

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  • Ro
      24th of Jul, 2008
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    June 16th.ordered, an paid for.(260 Machoman )
    July 21st. Received title.(suprise)
    July 21st. got tracking info.
    July 21st enroute to KC.
    July22nd @ KC.
    July 23rd loaded at KC. enroute to Springfield
    July23rd. @ Springfield.
    July 23rd. Ph. Holland Freight. Will deliver tomorrow before noon.
    July 24th.4:40 Pm. No delivery.
    July 24th 5:07 Pm. Received call from driver to be delivered at 8:am the the 25th.

  • Ro
      26th of Jul, 2008
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    Received Scooter As promised from Holland Trucking. Word of warning, when unpacking (250 series ) the medal crated it is in, Is very, very flimbsy. I would advise you have a second party to help you, till you get it completely out of this, so called crate.
    next do not panaic, for there instructions are not up to par. An also as you read threw the instructions, there is no place do they tell you how to get the rear wheel off to change a tire . I would almost bet it will cost you three times as much as the tire to have a dealer change it. I have to purchase a New Rear tire for the one on there is out of round . Wants to play hop scotch. An as of now, you will not break any speed records, maybe going to slow. Pure gutless . I will repace there tire, an it is for sale. with 26 miles. Make better time walking.Made for down Hill only. I had a Helix an it would out do this 100 to one in everything. Almost bet it will never jump a fence . done it with the Helix an lived to drive away an talk about it. when I done such, I scared the heck out of everybody. Best of Luck to you readers.

  • Ro
      27th of Jul, 2008
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    Ordered 2 New tires . Brand Name Avon.
    For got to tell everyone, the seat has a cover, an what is under it, feals like the trunk of a Oak tree.
    Comfortable, No way.
    I would like to know how many miles anyone has put on one of these . Years ago I sold Tomos Mopeds, some of them are still running. The Helix I had, ( should of not sold it ) I had 36, 000 plus on it, 1 Belt an 3 sets of tires New spark [plug every 5000 miles), really didn, t need it, But I serviced it properly.
    I want to hear if anybody has over 5, 000 miles on one, an no bull what was the highest speed you ever got out of it, with out going down a mountain side ?

    Best of Luck, to one and all . Enjoy your ride.

  • Ri
      11th of Aug, 2008
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    Orderd Machman 260
    Sent cheaper Cypress 250. Engine fan does not work. Turn signal switch does not work. Trip Odometer does not work.
    Received wrong bike, and now its a total lemon. Ready to seek legal council.

  • Ro
      18th of Aug, 2008
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    By now we all know ScooterNitro does not build these, (do it yourself kits ) May as well say that, for in no time you will have it scattered all over your work bench.
    These are not a take out of the Crate, Service an go. For get ready the fun is about to begin. a Word to the wise, go over it an check all Nuts, Studs an screws, even if you have to take it apart, to get to the engine. For they never even put a Exhaust Gasket in it, ( How I found out it was making a louder an louder noise. Then I find that one stud an nut was gone, an the other stud the nut was gone, Then when I tore into it, we find that there was no Gasket, they even knew it, for they tourqued it down so hard that they bent the ears that hold the Exhaust pipe to the Cyclinder Head.
    Have to say, putting New Tires that are round, made it ride a lot better. Still rides like sitting on a old log.
    Now I just tore into the turn signal switch, when you tear into it. ( BEWARE there is a small round bearing they use in the function of this Switch. ) So be prepaired to use hand signals, or MFG, a way to make it work, with out that spring an bearing.I will let you know how, what I made up wors, with out going to a cycle shop an get a Quality built Switch.
    Before I wrote about no instrunctions how to change the rear Tire. While I was fixing that Exhaust pipe, is when I changed that rear Tire. You loosen the Muffler Clamp, 12mm, an Remove the bolts that hold the Muffler, Next Loosen the AQxle Nut 22mm an then you can loosen the three studs that hold the Caliper, I advise that you have a 6 point socket 12mm
    for they have them torqued down good, other wise you may round off the corners. Then you remove the 12mm stud that hols your shock., Remove Axle nut an an spacer, keeping things in order., an reverse to reassemble.
    I also had a leak from fuel tank at the seam, I repaired it with JB Weld

    As I stated ScooterNitro does not MFG these, yet why don't they, report to them, all these head ackes going on, Just like in the beginning, that Signal Switch, was not tightened down properly, to find out, there is a catch on the switch to keep it in position. They never drilled a hole in the handle bar for the pin. All I did was take a grinder an cut an indention.

    Again, I say, if you don't have any patients, or Mechanical Knowledge, STAY AWAY. Even if they give it to you, you will get your test.

    I forgot to tell you I made up my own gasket, was not easy. I took a solid piece of copper wire 10 gauge, an found a socket to match the size of the pipe( not the outer flange) wraped it around the socket. till ends met flush, made 2 of them, then I cut from the top of a can of Peanuts, the aliuminum, an put two of hose on top of the copper rings. TAKE YOUR TIME an make sure you have the same size hole as the I>D> of the Exhaust pipe.

    I HOPE THIS GIVES SOME ONE SOME HELP. REMEMBER PATIENTS . AN some one should start a parts store, for as I read, an they tell me 3 weeks for parts, we shall see, for I order gaskets, Brake Pads ETC.

  • Ro
      20th of Aug, 2008
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    In trying to find out a strange sound, when traveling, it sounds like something rubbing the fan blades.
    Found out that was not it, It is the front mud flap. When it is warm out and you get up to 50 mph, that flap is fluttering in the breeze, against the fender making that sound. So project for this day .
    Will let you know how I solve it. Knowing first thing is to remove front wheel. For what ever we do, it has a limited space to apply anything to stop it.

  • Ro
      9th of Sep, 2008
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    Still waiting on those parts .
    I have came across a CO> that makes a big bore kit for it, they push an show pictures of it at 80 mph.
    OK!! By now we are all on edge, shafted once are we ready for seconds . Cross that bridge if we can get this runing eneough, to see if IO can smash on bug on the windshield . Now don't everybody send me a dam bug that has already been smashed. Thank you.

    My only hopes is that some that are looking for any of these Scooters Matchoman or what ever they may call them, said it before an repeat again. Patients, an more patients. An first off a good quality set to Metric tools . An do as I said in the beginning, go over it thourly .

    An if any one looses that turn signal switch, and I know good and well you will . When you do Email me an an I will guide threw to help you back, but you will lose the self canceling. an if they repace it for you, that is another waste of time.
    Next you will loose those Air Vents under passanger foot pegs. In the heat an vibration, those plastic dowel pins snap off .

    I noticed some one said they got 70 mph out of theres, Still like to know how he got up the Mountain to come back down, I stated once before, only way throw it over the Great wall . Should of started there in the beginning.

    As before I stated along the way, I had a M/C shop, an have plenty of tools, an patients. Yes, this is a BRAIN banger, for you do not have a manual, of parts break down threw out the total machine. If I am able this winter, I get eneough parts to try an se if this Pice of rice scraps, will ever get thjat bug.

    Also, for beginners make you a table to work on this, on the floor dont get it, I have a regular hoist, but if you want the know how to fix your own, tabel I will help you . So simple you younger sister or girl frind can build it.

    Have fun an patients. My heart goes out to one an all with your problem. Bob

  • Ji
      27th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    All the above sounds familiar. I ordered my machman on April 30 and received it a few days later . Every time I left home it left me stranded due to a dead battery. I finally found out that the stater had a short in it and drained the battery. I ordered a new one and in about a month, they sent me the wrong on. I reordered and as of this date I am still waiting. I have filed a complaint with the Missouri Attorney General.

  • Ro
      7th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    Ok !!!

    The time has come to start action on Scooternitro.

    What I want from each and every one, is to E Mail me your complaint against Scooternitro.

    Then i will take them all to our attorney Generals office . We will start from there.

    On your complaints, I want to know when ordered, when received. and state it vry breif an to the point what your problem is. ( As if I don't already know )

    My E Mail address is
    I am 65 miles from Nixa, but I will take it to Jerreson City. Or Springfield, Mo.

    Thank you, Bob

  • Ro
      12th of Nov, 2008
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    I was to the Attorney Generals Office, They gave me a form to fill out .

    If you want a form, send me your Email an I will forward one to you .

    In the mean time get your paper work done, proof of payment, an all contacts you have made to Scooter Nitro. For they are requesting such.

    Happy Holidays

  • Ha
      17th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    Okay by now you've probably realized you are buying a Chinese copy of a Japanese bike. I have the 2008 Duke 250.
    I bought it through Scooter Nitro and yes they took awhile to deliver and yes when I called they gave me the runaround,
    but don't lose all hope they did deliver. I have been riding the bike almost every day for a year and a half and it still runs
    great. It's no Kymco or Mitsubishi, but hell for the money I wasn't expecting it to be. Enjoy and ride safe.

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