Scientific American Book Club / 6 books returned in 2013 , but now being charged for them

1 P.O. Box 6348 Harlan , IA 51593-1848, Pennsylvania, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 716-250-5700

I was sent 6 books from the scientific american book club. (The year 2013) . They usually send a form to decline the books or if you don't they automatic send them. I must of missed the deadline to decline so the books were sent. I sent them back by mail return receipt back in 2013. I have called to make sure the books were returned and said it was taken care of. After which in 2014 nov. I received ordered a book and on the statement i noted that the 6 books were being charge to me again. At this time i called and spoke with the rep. Assuring me it would be taken care of and note to send payment for the new book until they send new statement. Well my bill seems to be now way over $200. 00 for late incurments for all these books. Each time i call i speak to different rep. And even supervisors giving me their names. They all been telling me they are notifing they bill dept and they will contact me no one has yet. I spoke to someone march 31st, 2015 and the rep. Assured me it will be cleared since then i called again 5 / 19 / 15 same promise. I did not keep the reciept of returned books because it was back in 2013 and it seems to be cleared off my account, but since they are using libreary of science as a new name this issue it poping up again. (What can i do ? To stop this)

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