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1 Glen Spey, NY, United States

I purchased a rottweiler puppy from this kennel in 2010. I was supposed to have pick of 7 males. I had a pick of 2. When I got to his place (5 hour drive) I was told he had lost half the litter to pneumonia (No previous notification). He has an advertised full health guarantee. My puppy was taken to the veterinarian within 48 hours of purchase. He was diagnosed with: a grade 2 heart murmur, urine scald (All of the litter stunk and had urine scald) , crytorchidism, incorrect bite. The breeder was contacted immediately by phone and was mailed the veterinarians reports. I had authorized my veterinarian to speak to the breeder if he called and to explain the numerous health problems. The breeder never contacted my veterinarian (He was provided the veterinarians phone number).

A month later the puppy was rechecked to determine the status of the heart murmur - it had not improved. The breeder was notified again. At 15 weeks of age, he had his 1st cardiac ultrasound (He had his 2nd cardiac ultrasound 6 months later). He was diagnosed with subaortic stenosis, and a tethered tricuspid valve, which allowed back flow of blood creating the heart murmur.

In addition, he has been diagnosed with hip and elbow dysplasia.

In nys the breeder is required to have the litter checked by a veterinarian by 6 weeks of age. The breeder did not take them to the vet.

After a year of trying to get the breeder to honor his advertised full health guarantee I took him to small claims court. I won the case. I received reimbursement for the cost of the dog but not his numerous vet bills. I found out during the hearing that he had charged me $300.00 more than he normally charged for pet quality puppies. Two other people (There could be more) also had health issues with their dogs and got the same run around from the breeder. Eventually they did get the purchase price back on their pups.

Because of the number of dogs that this breeder sold per year (He had 9 litters in 2 years) , he was required to be licensed by nys as a pet dealer - he was not. Nys did a kennel inspection and he refused to correct any deficiencies. At that time he lived in a gated community and was not allowed to run a business. His township only allowed him to have 4-5 dogs he had many more. Most did not have current rabies vaccinations or dog licenses.

After the small claims decision (June 2011) , the breeder advertised in the total rottweiler magazine of an upcoming litter / breeding of my pups mother. The hip and elbow dysplasia, incorrect bite, cryptorchidism, and heart problems are all genetic problems. He planned on breeding the mother until other pups were diagnosed with heart problems. Any individual from any breeding's of this ##### would be carriers for all of the genetic diseases i've listed. The breeder did not contact any individuals who purchased litter mates to my puppy regarding the genetic health problems.

In my opinion, this breeder is only interested in money, he's not interested in breeding quality dogs of good conformation.In my opinion, he is completely dishonest. I would say "buyer beware".

Jan 22, 2017

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