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Schumacker Cargo / Worst service ever

1 New York, NY, United States Review updated:
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We picked Schumacker back in March to ship all of our goods from our NY apt to our new Singapore home. They came across as being very professional and assured us of a door to door service and no hassles. In fact they said 4-6 weeks. Being British as myself and my partner are we got on well with them and chose them because they appeared to offer a great service and also at a reasonable price. HOW WRONG COULD WE HAVE BEEN??!!! A month passed and we emailed them to find out what exact date we would be getting our goods as we had planned it so that when we moved in to our new apt in Singapore we would shortly have all our furniture. After a lack of response my partner phoned them and after various missed calls and voicemails left we finally spoke to them. They told us it actually had not left LA until 2 weeks later!!! WHY THE HELL WAS IT JUST SITTING THERE?!!! The boss of Schumacker said it was not his fault and it was the agents fault - never once said sorry and seemed to not give a dam!!! So another 2 weeks passes and the 6 week agreed timeframe had been hit...Again we have to chase them constantly and not once do they ring us to explain or apologize!!! We then find out from the Singapore agent that they have 'LOST' our 40sq ft container - I found this rather hard to fathom!!! So again we chase and chase and finally the boss answers and again says oh we think it went on the wrong ship and is now is Hamburg and its not our fault its the agent blah blah blah with still NO customer service or care. I still found this story so hard to believe. They then promised it would be on the first ship to Singapore and again sent us the documents to prove this... A week passes and NOTHING as usual. We call the helpful Singapore port agent and they tell us that Schumacker are lying and our container is still stuck in Hamburg (2 weeks all in all) . We are fuming and again chase Schumacker in the dates and get the usual careless attitude and blame. They say it is on a ship and the Singapore agent is wrong. This turned out to be another big fat lie and after finally finding out it did get on a ship to Singapore we rang Schumacker to say due to this taking so long we have had to buy some basic furniture and we would like some compensation. They told us they will think about it. Our shipping finally arrived 3 months later!!! We have since been in touch and they offered us $700. INSANE!!! When we complained about this the boss said ok well because of this we have decided we owe you nothing... No MONEY No SORRY!!! It was the worst experience of shipping we have ever dealt with. We have moved on various occasions all over the world and NEVER had a problem But this company are dam right scam artists!!!

I then recently meet up with some fellow New Yorkers who tell me their shipping took forever and got lost in Hamburg and guess what it was also with Schumacker Cargo!!! Took 3 months also and fed them the same story and again were dam right rude and careless. The New Yorker also told me another New Yorker has used them prior to us and had similar problems!!! We are now making sure NOBODY uses these guys!!! They are scam artists and have to care or respect for anyone!! BE WARNED DO NOT USE THEM!! The Hamburg story is now creeping its way around town so lets hope they lose a lot of biz on the back of such unprofessional behavior!!!

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      27th of Aug, 2008
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    I totaly agree.. the cargo shipping company Schumacher lack proffessionalism and mannors.
    We had our shipment sent through a company in the UK. When it arrived to Schu... they contacted me and said that US customs were inspecting it and that would bring price up 300.00 more dollars.
    So.. we waited.. and now I am told that 3 exspensive guitars from our shipment are missing???
    I talked to Ivan at Schumacher and he told me I have no claim against them.
    Can anyone help me??
    I need information on who I can contact about this?
    I am emailing both companies and all I get is the run around!
    I will not pay a dime if they dont come up with those 3 guitars!!
    Should I use my lawyer??
    if you can help me.. please email me at

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