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I was in love with the idea that a grocery store would deliver. I hate grocery shopping with a passion. The first time I tried Schnuck's delivery service I waited during my window and nobody showed up. I called about half an hour or so later to ask what was going on and was told that the driver was running behind and it would be *at least* two more hours before my groceries arrived. I had other plans that day and canceled my order. I was told that if I tried this service out again that I would have one of the workers "personally oversee" my order from placement to delivery. After a couple of months of battling through the grocery store I caved again. Mistake.

Ice cream and other frozen items were placed in the same cooler as a hot turkey breast. Pretty much everything in that cooler was ruined. Many items were the wrong size/priced differently from my order or pulled from the shelf wrong. I was also charged a delivery fee that I was told would be waived with this second attempt. And when I asked the driver about the fee he assured me that there wasn't one on the receipt and showed me the top "where the fee always is", after he left I found it at the bottom.

After contacting Schnuck's I was told that these items would be refunded. I received a money order a few weeks later that wasn't signed, so it was not accepted by my bank. I sent back the money order and was told that it would be mailed out "tomorrow" over two weeks ago. It's not yet showed up and I'm not holding my breath that it ever will. My last order was a little over two months ago.

I do not recommend this service.


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