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During health care signup, the options weren't as clear as just PPO or HMO (as in the past). There were four different options, and combinations of options with unusual names such as HPDP. I thought I had chosen HMO with Flexible spending account of $2500.00.
When I got my Flexible spending card, I used it the very next day at my doctors office to pay for my office visit copay. The card was declined.
When I called the Health hub representative, she informed me that I signed up for a limited PPO (HPDP) and a limited Flexible Spending account only good for Dental and Vision.
I've been a Flexible spending and HMO customer for 12 years and never had a problem signing up and getting benefits.
But with this new company, I'm told even though it's an obvious mistake I made on signup, I will forfeit the $2500.00 (of my own money!) to the Company.
They won't allow me to adjust the combination of coverage to allow me the correct type of FSA account.
I am now going to have to pay out of pocket for my cancer treatments while $2500.00 of my own money is going to roll over at the end of the year to a corporation.
Seems Illegal. How are they getting away with this?

Schneider Electric

Feb 3, 2015

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