SUBMIT A COMPLAINT honouring warranty

I bought a computer motherboard from a local Bolton company This went faulty after a year(it had a 2-3 year warranty on it). I followed their returns procedure at the beginning of the year and they confirmed the item was faulty and would send it off to the manufacturer for repair/replacement. I then had to chase for weeks/months to try and find out what was happening every time I was told I would have to wait. Eventually I forgot about the item and Scan conveniently didn't do anything to remind me. I phoned them up a month ago after being reminded and someone said they would look into it and get back to me which they didn't. I then phoned Scan up again this week and someone apologised and said they would get back to me. I then received an email saying they couldn't replace the item and offered me a refund of £5. Obviously I wasn't happy with that as I paid £32 + vat for the item and it would cost me that again to replace the item. Scan have refused to budge and haven't really provided me with a formal apology for making me wait so long.

It sounds as though this company is going downhill very quickly and will lose more money from me by treating me like an idiot than they are gaining by trying to rip me off.


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