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SCAMMERS - Hill, Inc. - Broc Hill and Solomon Kabul / Iphone Scammers

1 Costa Mesa, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 714-403-1440

Do not send money to Brock Hill of Hill, Inc or his so called 'supplier' Soloman or Solomon Kabul! Just more iphone scammers out there telling people anything they can to get you to send them money and once they get it they will disappear and than resurface only to tell you one excuse after another why they didn't ship your phones like they guaranteed they would!

These people are despicable and I don't know how they sleep at night. Broc Hill appears to be a wingman for this Soloman Kabul guy and they seem to work in tandem. Solomon Kabul is Nigerian with the bank accounts and Brock gets you all the information he thinks you'll need to get your money. Soloman calls you every 20 minutes to make sure you've sent the money.

The whole entire time both of them are swearing left and right that they have the phones to ship. Once they get your money, you're immediately told another story - a typical M.O. for scammers in this business.

The two just stole 11K from me after an elaborate con. They are low life bottom feeders and will ultimately get what they deserve.

After an investigation was launched, it turns out that both have past criminal records!

Whatever you do, do NOT believe anything either one of these low lifes tells you! Do NOT send them a dime of your money because you will be scammed! There is a criminal investigation into this matter right now and it won't be long before they're both arrested for fraud. I doubt I'll get my money back - once a scammer gets their hands on your money you can forget about them every giving it back! Broc Hill is a 20 year old punk from orange county who things he's untouchable. He's gloating about the fact that 'nothing will happen' to him. We'll just see...


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