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BE WARE OF 'JOBS IN DUBAI'!!! I think these people are part of the same team of 'CORE ELEMENTS'. Watch out and DON'T GET FOOLED!

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  •   Aug 12, 2009

    Under the UAE Labour Law it is illegal for any company or employer to charge or try and charge any employee for any part of the recruitment or employment process: including agents fees, finders fees, commissions, medical fees, registration charges, labour deposits etc. etc.

    Any company contravening this can be reported to the Dubai Economic Department (DED), if enough complaints are made the company can have their trade licence withdrawn.

    Send your complain here:

    s.[protected], [protected]

    s.[protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected]

    here are the email addresses of who to contact there...

    Sami Dhaen Al Qamzi General Director 04-2223369 04-2228808 s.[protected]

    Ahmad Ibrahim Head of Customers Care Section 04-2020156 04-2020226 [protected]

    Abdullah Al Zaabi Head of Business Registration Section 04-2020171 04-2020226 [protected]

    Mohammed Hilal Al Murooshdi Director of Compliance Division 04-2020415 04-2020176 [protected]

    Abdulla Al Shehi Head of Commercial Protection Division 04-2020181 04-2020176 [protected]

    Waleed Abdulmalik Head of Commercial Control Division 04-2020213 04-2020176 [protected]

    Sumaya Mohammed Media Coordinator 04-2020353 04-2020796 [protected]

    Khawla Al Abdooli Legal Consultant 04-2020257 04-2020263 [protected]

    Khalid Mubashri Legal Consultant 04-2020256 04-2020263 [protected]

    Sanaa Tayem Admin. Assistant 04-2020230 04-2020263 [protected]

    Abdullah Ahmed Customer Services Coordinator 04-2020291 04-2020263 [protected]

    Tasneem Abdullah Secretary 04-2020260 04-2020263 [protected]

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  •   Aug 22, 2009

    Please join my group to fight Core Elements and sue them

    We need all kind of supports, whether you paid or not, its not important, what we need is how they approach all those people and convince them to pay them money.

    All Regards

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  • Ma
      Mar 03, 2019
    Scam - unauthorized bank levy

    I subscribed to a 14-day contract on your site and the debit was made. And today your service has subtracted 68 €, yet I did not subscribe again. I demand an immediate refund if no I will file a complaint for scam. I never renewed a contract at home, so repay me my sum of 68 € before I contact my lawyer. Thanks a lot to you

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