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We were approached by the 2 men working at the cell phone kiosk to purchase a Sprint cell phone service. My first question was if this service worked in "Sheridan Montana" as my husbands 2 kids live there and he has to have service to speak to them and vice verca. I was vehemently reasured that there was indeed service in Sheridan Montana. I DID NOT witness the computer screen stating that there was service in Sheridan Montana even though one of the salesmen later tried to tell me I had! My husband and I purchased 5 phones at that time only later to find out after sending 2 phones to our daughters in Sheridan Montana that there was absolutely NO service in Sheridan Montana. During this entire mess the salemen made NO effort to contact us or help us with this horendous mess. Sprint was kind enough to offer us a credit with no penalty payment on the two phones however they will NOT let us out of the contract to go back to our old service (which did work in Sheridan Montana) T Mobile. I find it deplorable that this kind of thing happens and no matter who you talk to it's "pass the buck" time!!! Oh, Sam's Club has no recourse with this as they are independant of Sam's Club and Sprint takes no responsiblity as well. I guess I am from the old school...I believe what I am told and will no doubt go to my grave believing this. Please advise as to how to handle this. Thank you.

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  • Hb
      15th of Feb, 2011

    You do have 30 days to cancel out of service if it doesnt work for you so after finding out they didnt work you couldve returned them to the store in plenty of time. You shouldve given your address in montana to them and looked at the coverage it was a bad thing that they said it would work but without an address its impossible to tell for sure the maps we are given to look at are only an estimation and can look covered in some area's but arent as covered as they look. If you didnt return the phones in your 30 day window you are at fault so quit pointing fingers at people and take responsibilty on yourself.

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