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sc/grant funding source / item never received, hard to contact anyone for cancelation

CA, United States Review updated:
Im sorry i cant find the website anymore but "s/c grant funding source" is how it appeared on my wamu account. Anyways i spoke to a live person who told me that they would be sending me a package for $5.00 but i never received it even though they charged me. Its been difficult to get a hold of these people in order to cancel, and now they wish to charge me 40$ monthly for a service i never received.

Thank you for your time and i hope you can help me.


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  19th of Aug, 2008
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yo-u can contact them at - 1866-382-9249

i had to contact my bank to get this information...
i called grant help and they said i agreed to be charged 40 bucks a month in the terms of agreement... i like how they only state this in the terms of agreement.. they don't advertise this bit of information anywhere... i tried to get my money back but all they did was cancel it. its funny i never recieved the cd i aksed for and payed the shipping for, isnt that a breach of their contract.. i should get my money back right?
  21st of Aug, 2008
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these people called my cell phone and wanted to talk t o my nephew and sold him a cd that he or I received a cd and then they took out 39.95 out of my bank account and I didn't authorize it. what can we all do about these people.
  21st of Aug, 2008
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I got a $49.95 charge on my bank account from SC/GRANT FUNDING SOURCE, is this the same company? I didn't order anything from anyone, nor did I get a phone call.

I called my bank, it must have been something I signed up for free and now they are charging my card.

any help would appreciated.
  31st of Aug, 2008
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I too ended up with this charge on my cc. NO where did it state that there was a monthly service charge. So I called them and canceled but havent gotten a refund for the charges. This place infuriates me and for anyone else - Beware - But if you need the phone number it is 800-853-6058. I live on a fixed income from disability and although it seems trivial to them - that is the difference between having utilitie and food!
  31st of Aug, 2008
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I was surprise when i got my bank statement and found a charge from SC/Grant Funding for $39.95, if anyone know how I can get my money back and cancel this I thank you in advance. These scammers have got to be stopped!!!11
  10th of Sep, 2008
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I lost your phone number, and I need to cancel your services as I have no longer need of them. I do not want my account charged anymore. Thank you for your cooperation. Account to be canceled is Chase # 4411 0320 1263 2301 Visa card.

Thank you,

Bernard A Marlow
  12th of Sep, 2008
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I had a similiar problem that I took care of.
  22nd of Sep, 2008
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i went to dispute the charge $49.95 on my credit card by this grant funding srouce company. I was advised to is to dispute the charges through the customer service number on the credit card and request a new card with new number so that this company can no longer charge your card every month.

also the 866 number that was given does not work. it sounded like a fax number.

and to the person who posted your credit card on this forum please request a new card because there are those out there with bad intentions.
  20th of Oct, 2008
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I cannot believe this has happened. I did not authorize any money to be debited from my account. The whole thing is again another ridiculous scam. I cannot believe I have been trapped by this. Has anyone had any experience with getting in touch and getting this money reversed from their checking account?
Thanks for your help.
  13th of Mar, 2009
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i got trapped too...
just got a call today from these guys, signed up for this crap... decided to google this "company" and now i'm reading all these comments...
my wamu chase account doesn't show yet that i've been charged...
i thinking to call bank tomorrow and change my credit card..
what do you think guys will this help?
  27th of Jun, 2009
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I'm sure jericho already did this... but it's best to just cancel your card and get your bank and cc to issue you a new one before they even start charging you if you can. I did this after seeing what this company was doing with everyone after I signed up. I told my cc that I was worried about this scam company... they said they'll take care of it and just issue me a new card. At least they won't be able to charge me.

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