SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / claimed to be able to help its customers get sbaloans quick and easy.

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 I signed up with this company to get an sba loan, and the promise made was that if I didnt get a loan there would be a refund.
I worked with a number if different people, the one I worked with most was a "Ron Smith".
My last correspondence with Ron was not returned as well as the one before that, I would much rather complete the program, but would need someone that can respond in an appropriate amount of time. My emails to him were never returned promptly, and when they were I was asked to change things that I was previously told to change in other ways fhe month before. The "review department" takes almost a month to get any correspondence. It has been almost six months since I have had any response and i have touched base multiple times with no response. All of the paperwork was never making it in to the review, after a few months of "investigations" it was determined that the program had an error and had to be recompiled and resent to me, wasting more time. At one point Ron's email had changed which wasted a few months as I was not notified and had to junp through hoops to obtain the new email. In my last communication I had issues getting a response again, I contacted the "customer service department" to see if he was incapacitated, no longer employed, or if I simply needed another agent. My response was my program had been terminated with out refund because I hadn't seng a response. Turns out that they never got my response because Ron's email had changed, again, with no alert to me, very convenient. I asked to simply complete the program, but they said it was no longer an option because my time was up. I was never notified at any point of a time limit. After being rejected from completing the program, i inquired about a refund, and they stated I was committing extortion.
That is absurd and unacceptable. Eating up someone's time so they cannot get a refund by delaying correspondence is not a good business practice. I looked up sbaeaay with just a simple Google search and the first 5 results were not the sbaeasy website, but awful reviews on websites such as "/link removed/ and ", of people experiencing the same issue.

Sep 26, 2017

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