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Saxon / Refinance/Tax Miscalculation/Transfer Miscue

1 VA, United States Review updated:

These clowns have screwed us over on three separate occassions. First time is when they bought our loan from a smaller loan company and somehow lost our payment in the buyout process. They charged us late fees for an unpaid mortgage that we actually paid! It took them 6 weeks to fix it and it took us 3 months to get it removed from our credit score. Next was a tax miscalculation. They miscalculated our taxes (by half) and told us that we weren't making our required payment. It took them 6 weeks to figure out what the problem was and again we were charged for late payment even though we made the same payment we had always made for the previous 16 months! They initially couldn't tell us why we owed more, they just said that we did...pathetic. Lastly was the remodification. They screwed this all up and after 8 months, and three packages sent to them we got it approved..sorta...only one of our two loans was updated in their system and so we were constantly harassed about late payments even though we were paying the new and approved payment as directed by the loan modification department. I can talk about their miscues for hours. Our property is in VA. Someone let me know if you want to hear more! I have TONS along with documentation!

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  • Je
      14th of Sep, 2008
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    Saxon - SaxonSucks
    New Jersey
    United States

    Saxon will hold onto your payments and then send you a letter that payment was not cleared by your bank. { your check had bounced } You go to your bank and they give you proof that they got their payment and when it cleared. You call them back to conformed your check was cleared and they say oh ya, here it is. I'm not lying!! Then you get a letter in the mail that you house will be going up for short sale because of your late payments { on their behalf }. People knocking on your door. driving passed your house like vualtures, taking pictures!! Then they will drain out all your escrow for taxes and BS insurance that they force you to have !! and send you another letter staited that your home is out of escrow and they want to foreclose. Our home is worth 300, 000 and our loan is only 89, 000. how is that out of escrow?? they have our credit so messed up that we can't refiance with any one!! STAY FAR AWAY FROM THEM

  • He
      30th of Sep, 2008
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    I have a hardship and I need my loan modified.

  • Re
      2nd of Oct, 2008
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    Saxon - Forclosure
    Saxon mortgage
    United States

    I too have been strugling to get a loan modification since June 2008. They said 4 - 6 weeks but still nothing. I am getting notices for forclosure now. I called the regular customer service line in texas. Not loss mitigation which is in California. They put me through to the collections dept. and they are getting this worked on for me. Maybe you should try this instead of the loss mitigation dept. who can't do anything to help you.

  • Wo
      1st of Aug, 2009
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    Saxon - no complaint what so ever
    Saxon Mortgage
    United States

    if you all would pay your house payments then there would be no problem. You all put yourself in this. Most of the time what I hear come out of most of you borrowers is I HAVE EXCESSIVE OBLIGATIONS lol well if you knew that then why in gods name would you even bother buying a home and for a that they are bashin SAXON. Anyone that comes in a reads this I know for a fact that saxon does there best to help people not lose there homes and I would suggest anyone that does have forecloser sell date call saxon and see what workout options they have they are commited to helping you the best that they can.AND TRUST ME I KNOW THIS FOR A FACT...I do it everyday for a living so call Saxon and they can help...thanks JANE DOE

  • Fr
      14th of Mar, 2012
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    Excessive impounding of insurance premiums and property taxes

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