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Saxon Mtg Servicer, Saxon Home Loan Co, Morgan Stanley Owners / FRaud, RICO? interstate theft,wire fraud,wrongful foreclosure

1 United States

Why should we endure all this CRIME we are victims of ? Isn"t there a FBI in every phone book POSTMASTER GENERAL ? . We are being CONNED! Are these INVESTMENT wall street companys above having a arrest/or formal complaint filed against them NOTED by our FBI or local SHERIFF or in the citys THEFT DEPT of the POLICE stations? If I took you for something of value YOU would surely call the cops! Their doing the same thing by NOT COMMUNICATING with us in a timely fashion and charging us fees for WHAT?? This mess about the Modify is a farce .They tell us that we cant do modify till we are in foreclosure! Then say that we might not even qualify for the refi even after this wait!!. THEY modify us! so we will HAVE to pay MORE fees, attys, {??per diem??} late charges /with interest? drowning us till we loose our homes. Kinda fishy I wonder how many of you have homes that THEY will make profits on?That DO have a value much more that we owe. Hum?? THE robo computer call from saxon with the non human saxon recording "to call them asap" 4 to 5 times a day is a new area to look in to. Their using technology to HARRASS us. with a non human on the line. I have been on the phone with them and still get a robo call 2 min after hanging up with the rep. only to call them back per the robo and be told 'oh thats a computer reminder' I wonder if WE ALL filed our complaints with our ite law enforcement agency on the same day maybe the Mother Company sitting on BILLIONS of our tax monies would take notice and TALK TO US through the MEDIA like the others??? hummm if I owned stock in Morgan Stanley, who ownes SAXON, does that mean that because I bought in this company, I am liable for fraud and other charges too?? remember MCI and ENRON got away with millions! Hummmm just trying to give us all hope for a class action I am going to


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